"HOW TO" cut the license plate holder ?? (cheap man's fender eliminator)
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Thread: "HOW TO" cut the license plate holder ?? (cheap man's fender eliminator)

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    "HOW TO" cut the license plate holder ?? (cheap man's fender eliminator)

    hello all,

    just wondering how to cut the license plate holder ?? do it while its on the bike ?? or off the bike ??

    what to cut it with ??

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    i had to take the fender off of my bike, then i used my jigsaw to eliminate the fender.

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    a sharp rasor knife works good too

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    hacksaw. didn't even take it off the bike. Drew a line with a ruler and cut. you dont see the cut line anyhow since it's behind the plate.

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    A hacksaw or a woodworking coping saw work great. Just line it it with a pencil first to be sure of what you want removed and then go at it with either. The coping saw works best for curved cuts and the basic metal hacksaw works well with straight cuts. Some 120, then 240 then 320 then 400 then 600 sandpaper treatment will smooth and polish the cuts. Use the 320 through 600 wet or dry paper with some water and detergent for the best finish.

    Here's how mine came out with an hour of layout, cutting and polishing and a further hour to make and install the mini stalk signal you see here.

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    Cut mine of with and angle grinder with stone cutting blade......it cut super clean and pretty much melted the plastic perfectly (no sanding)! Be sure to wear a shirt when doing this technique.....my dumbass didnt and i got a spray of melted plastic across the chest...lol!

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    started with an exacto knife then finished it off with a grinder to smooth it out
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    i used a saw slipped and cut my hand off

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    got a Gixxer. it just unbolts!! a Dremel works good for cutting the plastic. they generally tend to travel with different bits so smoothing things out afterwards is easy too.
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