Poll: Also Ran in MotoGP or Title Contender in WSBK

View Poll Results: Would you rather be an also ran in MotoGP or a title contender in WSBK

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Thread: Poll: Also Ran in MotoGP or Title Contender in WSBK

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    Poll: Also Ran in MotoGP or Title Contender in WSBK

    I was reading a couple of articles on the future of WSBK and they posed what I thought was an interesting question. If you were someone like Hodgson or Xaus, would you rather be an also ran in MotoGP or contending for the title in WSBK? Which would you choose and why?
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    Guess I'd choose based on job security. If I'm in the top 20 in the MotoGP championships, but have no job next year due to that fact, I'd rather have a solid job in WSBK.

    I need more info to base my decision on. As far as which is "cooler", GP all the way.
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    id choose GP ,its not the bike its the rider ,,just look at rossi on a 7th place bike kicking ass.Id rather compete and be challanged intead of being on a corn fed team winning with technology advantages.

    plus GP riders prob make more money ,get tech we wont see for another 10yrs and its the top of the game.

    but most important WSBK is kind of a ducati cup race so its just not very interesting.

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    I'm with borderline on this one. How boring would it be to be Matt Mladin and win the same championship 5 times. I'd rather be in GP working up the ranks. Though there would still be pressure to perform, being in the lower ranks at first would be a bit of a relief from being the head honcho of WSBK. Gives you a little bit more focus on your tuning and riding.

    Not to mention the fact that it's "street bike on steroids" vs "all out prototype beast". I'd rather ride the more expensive ones

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