What kind of gas ?????
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Thread: What kind of gas ?????

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    What kind of gas ?????

    What kind of gas do people run in their dirtbikes and why do they use it
    89 91 94 do some types of gas work better with different oils. What weight oils do you use for transmission etc.

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    I'm running top of the line octane.
    Given the amount of riding I do (every couple of months), it only makes sense for me.

    As for oil...just using Penzoil or Castrol 4 stroke motorbike oil for my xr250.

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    I always run 94. I'm not sure what my manual recommends, but the bikes over 12:1 compression so it'll need 92 or 94. It doesn't go through much gas anyways so cost isn't an issue. Engine oil is Motul 10w40 synthetic.

    Because you're asking about transmission oil, I take it you have a 2-stroke. When I had a two stroke I still ran 94 (spend way more on gas driving to the riding site so an extra $1 a tank on the dirt bike doesn't matter). In the transmission I ran a two-stroke transmission oil. I think it was made by Bel-Ray? Weird stuff: bottle says 90 W, but it's way thinner than a 90 W gear oil. More like automatic transmission fluid in colour and thickness. It was recommended by the dealer. Before that stuff I ran Motul 10W40. The key with a two-stroke transmission is to change the oil frequently. There's no oil filter so all the particles from your clutch just float around in the oil until you change it.

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