How do I move the triple clamp..
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Thread: How do I move the triple clamp..

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    How do I move the triple clamp..

    My wife's bike is a 2002 YZF600R. Before we got it, the bike had been lowered. I have raised the rear end and now I need to move the triple clamp back up the fork tubes.

    I know what I need to do I just don't know how to do it. Do I need to hang the front end from the ceiling? Do I get a big hammer and just start OCC-ing the top of the forks? Do I dig out the wifes KY Jelly and use a little finesse?

    Please help..



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    suspend the front of the bike from ceiling, losen the 4 bolts on the clamps (2per clamp) and the forks should slide around easy. might be best to remove the wheel first

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jayson
    suspend the front of the bike from ceiling, losen the 4 bolts on the clamps (2per clamp) and the forks should slide around easy. might be best to remove the wheel first
    Thanks....That is what I thought I would have to do. I just wanted to make sure.

    Thanks again


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    my quicky ,,hey it actually works method,no removing anything or special tools needed

    this can be tricky ,,its a one person job (fels cool if you can pull it off) if your carefull ,but two makes it easier .Prop the bike balanced on the kick stand with the front wheel suspended in the air on an angle with the back tire still on the ground ,,kinda like an exxagerated sideways wheelie(dont jerk it around the kickstand will bend ) loosen all 4 bolts on the lower triple and the two bolts on the top triple and use a rubber mallet (gentle ) do not hit the adjuster ,try to hit off to the end of the tube ,each side one hit at a time ,or better yet get your buddy to pull down on the forks or push em with your hand and use a tape measure or better yet a verneer tool to make them both even ..all the time while balancing it on the kickstand ..then tighten all the bolts and put it back down on the ground ..your done.

    when its balnced right it doesnt weigh a thing and you can hold it there all day by yourself .

    but if the kickstand bends and the bike hits the ground ,,,ummm ooops,,hasnt happend yet

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    You don't need to hit the tubes. With the pinch bolts loose just grab the tubes and twist them a little back and forth as you pull them down through the clamps. The stanchion tubes are not pinned in any way and are free to rotate within the lower sliders. This may work as well for upside downs but I haven't tried it.

    I would not try the cranking it over on the stand bit because if the guy holding the bike over at an angle looses it the whole works will collapse and fall on it's side. Far better to hoist it up with a come along and a tie down strap slung around the upper triple or frame with the gas tank out of the way. It's only about 150 lbs or so of load. Doing it this way also means the bike is upright as it'll lift up off the side stand. It's far easier to sight it all up and measure to ensure a nice even job.

    I don't recomend removing the front wheel for this either. The wheel and axle pinch bolts lock the forks together so the whole thing will stay even and square. However I have had one bike where the springs or spacers were not quite equal and one leg always had to be pushed back down about a couple of millimeters to set the tops of the legs equally. Not a big deal if it's only that much. But I did measure about 20 times from the lower clamp to the axle to be sure nothing was bent to cause the difference.

    PS: Nice bike! She should be very happy with that ride. Quick AND comfy is sure a nice combo.

    PPS: Is the kickstand cut down to allow for the lowering of the bike? If you find it leans too far over now you may need to get a pad welded onto the foot or some other fix.
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    hahaha ,i didnt say it was a GOOD idea ,,i said it was an IDEA .lol

    plus the mallet is just for minor adjustments ,,i didnt mean OCC style and wack at it .Just gentle taps when you grab it it moves to much too fast .

    hanging it from the roof is the best idea for sure ,,but just incase your outta options .hahaha

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    I did one by removing the right fairing and putting a jack under the motor/frame on the right side, suspended bike by the kickstand/jack/rear tire, loosened the clamps and gently wiggled the tubes all the way down.

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