Where can I get Axio backpacks here?
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Thread: Where can I get Axio backpacks here?

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    Where can I get Axio backpacks here?

    I saw this brand called Axio that makes pretty cool backpacks on bike mags, so I called RMS to see if they have them but they don't. So anyone knows any shops here carry them?? They are pretty expensive (around $200cdn for one), so I think it's better to see the real things before I buy it.

    Anyone has them? What do you think about them? heavy? roomy? size? convenient?

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    i say go online. usually if rms doesnt have those kinda items, u wont find it in the lower mainland. just my $0.02 good luck though

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    im looking for the same thing. i cant find anywhere locally that carrys it. found a place online that sells them cheap tho. but ya, i wanna see the actual thing first as well.
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    I have 3 of them, 2 minis and a swift. They are the best backpacks I have ever used period (and I have been using backpacks for like 15+ years).... In fact I like them so much I am itching to buy a 4th one to match the color of th bike I am plannign to buy.

    The reason why you have no luck with bike shops is cause the company makes these backpacks for LAPTOPS with the only exception being the swift. Also they are targeted at the Mac crowd for some funny reason (i.e. easily find them at websites selling Mac stuff/acc.)

    I got the first mini from Simply Computing (the mac store) and the next 2 I bought 1 from Axio direct and another from iMotorcycle store and shipped to Blaine.

    The prices at Simply computing are not too bad but I got the other 2 from the states as I happend to be collecting other riding gear from Hagens...
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