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    Alright i need some advice. I bought a used 2002 CBR 600 F4i, that had been laid down going about 40 km per hour, about a week ago. Before i bought it I phoned Action Motorcycles here in Victoria to do a saftey check on it to make sure the frame and forks were not damaged. I can fix the cosmetic stuff but i wanted to make sure it was safe to ride. the guy i was buying it off said he had already taken it to them to do the ICBC claim estimate but told him i would feel better if it was done anyway he said no problem he would take it there. i phoned action the day it was going in to give them a heads up. I talked to the head shop foreman and he told me he had just looked at the bike 3 days before and that he had called the guy and told him not to bring it in. i was not to sure about it but he assured me that it was in perfect shape except for cosmetic damage. and i should go ahead and buy it. So i took his word and picked it up.
    I work at cycle bc rentals so i can get parts at cost so i got a new front tire and took it to action yesterday to put it on the bike, when it was done the shop front desk guy informed me that they had noticed somthing on the bike that i was going to have to get fixed. he took me out to the bike and showed me a large crack on the swingarm!!!! it was underneath right beside the muffler. so needless to say i was pissed and wanted to talk to the head shop foreman who sapposedly looked at teh bike and deemed it safe to ride. the shop foreman came out and explained to me that he must have missed it during the inspection. i told him that is excactly why i wanted it checked again, he told me it was and "unfortunate mistake". I asked him were we go from here and he told me he was not liable and that it was my fault for buying a bike taht had been laid down.
    so my question from you guys is were do i go from here. do i talk to the owner of the shop. do they owe me anything. should i get a swingarm for cost and they put it on for no charge. i feel that they owe me somthing considering cycle bc rentals is one of there biggest customers you would think they would want to keep me happy. sorry for the long post but any advice would be much appreciated. thanx guys.

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    justin - go to the person who sold you the bike. if they had it inspected for ICBC it would have been in writing. GET THAT piece of paper and take it back to action. if you have in writing that its fine, and its not - then you have something to go on. otherwise i think you're probably FOOKED. You could also talk to Jamie Emery (Owner) upstairs in the corner office. He will be the one making the final call anyways. Might as well start at the top.

    sorry dude...

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    The first thing I would try to do is get a copy of the inspection and estimate information from ICBC (claim history?) to make sure it wasn't known before hand that there was a crack, that would be a kicker huh?

    Mistakes happen, its too bad they're not standing behind their work as a crack in the swingarm is potentially dangerous. You might want to let ICBC know so they don't continue to use a shop that gives the OK to put freaky dangerous shiat back on the road without fixing it.

    You didn't actually do business with Action or exchange money so I'm not sure what you can do legally. All they have to do is say 'no I didn't" and yer hosed.
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    bike inspection

    I've bought a few write offs before. You have to be really careful as it is always "Buyer Beware." In order for you to be successful in taking legal action, there should be something signed by you and the company who inspected your bike detailing the limits or liability of the inspection.

    Nevertheless, check all records of any inspections to see if this fracture was spotted from anyone.

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    I doubt they are liable in anyway but the bottom line is they told you to buy a bike that has a problem and that they inspected. If your already a good customer and they want to keep you as one, taking a hit on some labor doesn't sound unreasonable thing to suggest.

    Speaking to the person making the financial decisions is probably best - he'd realize the value of return customers and he would be authorizing the no charge on labour.

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    thanx for the replys guys i am getting the copy of the estimate tomorrow and tehn setting up a meeting with the owner of teh shop. any more ideas

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