why is it said that Concrete causes aches and pains?
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Thread: why is it said that Concrete causes aches and pains?

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    why is it said that Concrete causes aches and pains?

    I've heard that concrete causes you to get back aches,etc when you stand on it for too long.

    anybody know why this is?
    I tried searchin for the info on the net already, so as not to burden anyone here, but i'm pretty handicapped with "search".

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    more lily caused by your shoes than the cement

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    i work on cement all day and if i wear big work boots with Huge rubber soles on them i'm not very sore at the end if the day. On the other hand if i happen to slip on running shoes in the morning, by the end of the day my back and feet are killing me.

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    it's all about support.

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    Maybe you need orthodics.
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    Could it be because concrete has no "give"? I mean, it's SOLID. Most other surfaces have some kind of natural flex to them, even if it's just a little.

    I give a big to orthotics. My podiatrist is great. Saved my life . His office is in downtown Vancouver. PM if you want his name.

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    Cuz construction workers tend to sneak off and sit in the shade instead of work and the cool concrete constricts blood vessels in their ass causing clotting and hemmoroids which result in discomfort!
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    I've heard it's because of the give to...or lack there of.
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    Standing anywhere for extended periods of time, especially with hard boots will give you back aches.

    But the reason why concrete (or any other hard surface) is so unforgiving is because that it doesent allow the slight periodic redistribution in body weight on the soles of the feet that your body does subconciously when youre standing on a flat surface.....at least in IMO

    Also the pressures on the bottom of your foot will be more localized.

    If your standing on sand for instance, the surface will conform to the shape of your foot. This is why you see machinists for eg. use thick rubber mats.

    I cheated and simply got some thick insoles for my steel toed hikers.
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