Clutch isnt working right. Help!
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Thread: Clutch isnt working right. Help!

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    Unhappy Clutch isnt working right. Help!

    I have an 86 fz600, and I'm having a problem with my clutch. It worked fine before it was taken apart, and now it doesnt. When the bike was first started it made a scraping noise, and then it stopped. I think when my friend put it together he did it dry, hence the scraping noise. It now drags quite a bit. It makes shifting gears difficult, and the engine noticeably slows when it is shifted into first gear at a standing start. I took it apart again, and found the source of the scraping noise. The washer on the other side of the flat bearing from the push rod was not turning for some reason against the pressure plate, the metal was scored and there were burrs there. Could this cause the pressure plate to lift unevenly or something, thereby causing my problem? Or am i better off just getting a whole new set of plates along with replacing the pressure plate, push rod, bearing and washer? I think I'm pretty much gonna have to replace the pressure plate and washer anyways, I just wanna know how far I'll have to go to get it working properly again. The fibre and metal plates seem to be in good condition, with no visible scoring or glazing apparent. Though i havent laid them on a flat surface to check for flatness, they do seem fairly flat. Thanx for any help.

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    Tjat washer isn't supposed to turn against the parts it seats against. The only part that should be turning between the spinning stuff and the fixed stuff is the flat throwout bearing. Since the washer took the spinning obviously it wasn't put together properley and the bearing was not loaded or the bearing is faulty. You probalbly do not need a new pack but you'll need to check out the throwout bearing and the jacking rod and levers. It sounds like it SHOULD be fine other than for whatever is missing or mis-assembled. The clutch lever just isn't pulling it far enough to properley disengage the plates. Hence all the drag.
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    hmm... well, I adjusted the cable and the lever so that I got maximum stroke out of it, without having the clutch still disengaged when the lever is released, and it still had the same problem...I'm gonna replace some parts and see how that goes, seems strange that it looks like it should work, but it doesnt...wish i could see it when the clutch is disengages. I need a glass crankcase cover..hehe.

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