I got pulled over for the first time?
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Thread: I got pulled over for the first time?

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    I got pulled over for the first time!

    I thought I would share my story, the other night around 10pm I was on my way home. It was getting late and I had to get home quickly however I got lost. Trying to find my way back I was looking at building numbers to see if I was going the right way and at the same time in the corner of my eye I was looking at the car ahead of me. (I now it was dumb) Then I notice a yellow light so I turned my head to see the traffic light (so I made a stupid choice to fallow the car) as I get to the intersection the light changes red. (Poop) Then something odd happens, I see this blue and red lights reflecting on the ground. Looking into my mirrors I see a cop. (The first thing I said to my self “holy this guys are good”) A lady cop came out of the car and told me she saw what I did. Little I could say about it. I knew what i did wrong and part of life is that you have to pay for it lol.. Then she said that I have a nice bike (I am always glad to hear that the ladies like it hehehe) and after a little talk she takes my Drivers License. After a few minutes in her car she came and told me to be more care full and that other cops wont be so easy on me… And after a few minutes of taking about riding stuff she lets me go and I said thank you….

    Has any one else had something similar happen to them that ended in a good way?
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    You're a lucky person!!!
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    yea ma brotha mo did a wheelie on kingsway and got away with " you'''''''re beautiful, keep your bike beautiful and i won't give you a ticket" fuckin asshole landed at 150

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    I was riding at night and I stopped on the corner of the place i was headed to to talk to a girl I knew, so I handed her my helmet to hang on to for a sec while I parked. Couldnt find any parking near by so I cruised a residential street for a couple seconds when all of a sudden two young she-cops popped outta nowhere (they're good!) and stopped me. Got the whole lecture on riding without a helmet while I was trying to convince them that I did have a helmet and I had just left it with my friend while I parked the bike.

    As strange as it seems I swear I got a couple smiles from those she-cops and they let me off with a warning.

    Are female cops hot for riders???

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    Myst, was the cop hot man???

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