stunt life, mtv show in case u missed it
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Thread: stunt life, mtv show in case u missed it

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    Talking stunt life, mtv show in case u missed it

    cool story to this one ---> MTV stunt life
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    good video, but I made the mistake of closing it at 24 min and now I cant fast forward, I downloaded it to my desktop so I dont know whats going on.

    guess I am going let it play while I watch some tv and try and catch it at 24 min.

    EDIT- just watched the last half, didnt see that part at the end coming, looks like that must of hurt. (talking about the finger, well lack of finger)
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    Saw this on MTV last night. Good show.
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    Saw it the other day too, i dunno..i wasn't too impressed. Martin had that reverse elevator lock down last year at BB. I mean those guys are still awesome but i think extremeriderz as well as dave, darryl and mike can give any of those guys a run for there money. I think they should film some shit out here, we would just need a little more drama for tv.
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    thanks for the props dawg, but that shit was filmed like a year ago and everyrider featured in true life is way better than (me) for sure. Martin does a reverse switchback but not an elevator switchback...although he prolly could. I'm more like the "Geared Up" guy that went back to his real job... I just do it for fun. I liked the vid though

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    That one dude seemed like a pretty big geek, Tony. I can't believe how much drama they make.

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