Stock muffler vs. Aluminum muffler
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Thread: Stock muffler vs. Aluminum muffler

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    Stock muffler vs. Aluminum muffler

    hey all

    my stock can gets pretty hot when riding .. thinkin of goin with an aluminum can.

    my question is does the aluminum get as hot as the stock can ?? if it makes any difference i have a 2000 CBR 929RR.

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    aluminum conducts heat twice as fast as the steel ones, i would say it gets hotter faster.. if its heat you are concerned about, go carbon fiber. you can touch it and not get burned

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    go titanium.. doesn't heat up
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    All the wrong reasons I'm afraid. With stock the exhaust gasses contact and flow past the outer surface of the muffler. The stock ones are all a reverse flow type muffler and there are baffle plates and tubes inside to direct the gases in their looping tour of the insides of the can. And since the hot gases are in contact with the outer surface this is why stock cans get so hot.

    With 99.9% of the aftermarket cans the design is a glasspack type muffler. These flow the gases straight through the can but absorb and dampen the noise by letting the sound and gas pulses flow through perforations in the inside tube and into a thick dense packing of fiberglass. But the glass packing also acts as a heat insulator to prevent a lot of the heat from the gases reaching the outer tube of the muffler. This is why we can use carbon on the outer surface. And it's also why you do not see stock reverse flow types made from carbon composite. The resin binder for the cloth would not stand up to the direct contact with the hot gases.

    So yeah the outer tube of the glass pack type do not get that hot. But the end bells that are in closer contact with the tubes carrying the hot gases sure do. With an aluminium after market can you can put your hand on the round part but if you touch the ends it'll raise a blister in a flash.
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