hey kids, all of the wmrc boys are home, safe and sound. hats off to steve dick and shawn jones, for showing the alberta boys we can kick some A! i practiced on saturday with the boys, but begged out on racing sunday, too damn cold and rainy and certainly didn't want to go down and goon my leg again. that track is awesome. you cannot compare our track to race city, no way, no how. it rocks! very similar to portland. the folks at cmra treated us like kings, and the local boys are friendly as hell. big thanks to karl, and kel, nadine, nina, jessica, dale yamada, angus the tire guy, and everybody else i met at the track, you guys and girls are great. looking forward to seeing you all next year, because i know i'm coming back. i highly recommend a trip to calgary for all of our riders, as you don't know squat about braking at speed until you experience turn one at calgary. i had to cash my shorts in after trying it out at speed following al and martin. sheese, am i slow.