cost for ignition repair?
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Thread: cost for ignition repair?

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    cost for ignition repair?

    im interested in this 91 cbr 600 thats for sale on the buysell. the owner has told me that someone tried to jack his bike with a hammer and a screw driver so the ignition is completely damaged. im not sure if the bike will start but i will find out tomorrow once i take a look at it. if the bike couldnt start, how much would it cost to fix the ignition?

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    Make sure that he's not the one who did the jackin'. Check his licence, insurance and run the VIN through ICBC to look for a claims history. You can do that online at their website, it'll cost $20 or so.

    RE. cost to repair. Are you talking parts only or parts + labour?

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    im talkin parts and labour
    im a total noob to this sport as this will be my 1st bike and all
    ill do the vin check once i get a hold of the vin number
    the thing is i dont know how bad it is but he said it would cost about 250 bucks
    is that accurate?

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    Did it myself on my FZR, was $75 for the ignition and about 30 minutes of my time.

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    Hey dude if it's the 91' in the buy&sell, in Aldergrove i think,right? asking like 1995$. i called on it on saturday. Priced out the ignition switch complete for 160$ i think at richmond motorsports. guessing like 2 or so hours of labor to replace. plus it has a busted windshield(the guy told me)
    Plus he never checked the valves
    Plus it sat around for a year and was barely ridden for 2 previous years.
    Plus it has a stone dead battery.
    Sounds like it'll need a thorough carb cleanup( ~200$ in parts for gasket kits)
    i havent looked at it but from what the guy told me....its quite the gamble to buy that can either require 500$ of parts and for a total of 2400-2500 you'll have a great beginner sportbike or 500$ of parts and end up a never-ending project. of course i'd do everething myself(except tires) but labor would add up to a few hundred too if you were to get the ignition switch and carbs done at a real shop. I thought about and told him i'll pass.
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    Suprasian, watch out for these so called "deals". As Greeneyes says the parts and time can often turn the sweet deal into a rotten experience. If you can do your own work and go into it with your eyes open then at least you know what you're facing. But if you need to get a shop to do the work this bike and others like it can easily turn into a demonic money pit. Far better to pay 1 or 2 G's more for a turn key bike and spend your time RIDING than waiting or working on the bike. I actually LIKE working on bikes but many others are not in the same boat. I gather you're a new rider so I'm going to suggest that you're one of the "others". If this bike turns out to be in the shape that Greeneyes is saying then seriously, walk away. The shop bill could EASILY double the cost of the bike before you're done.
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    oh wow thx for the heads up greeneyes!
    thats the bike i was looking at
    but from what im hearing i probably will pass on that bike
    thank u so much

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    I just replaced my igniition and it was $160.00 for parts plus a couple hours labour (took me that long at least). You will run in to a challenege in that when you order the new igition you will get new keys, and these keys will not match the keys for your tank or tail section.

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