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Thread: Need Help: Kawi ZX6

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    Need Help: Kawi ZX6

    not too sure what the problem is, but the bike is having a hard time turning over, unless it had full battery life or it was jump started. When started, after a while of running (about 5-10 mins) the bike stalls. At first we thought it was the battery so we got a new one. However, same thing still happens. not too sure what is the problem, but it seems as if the bike is having a hard time trying to charge the battery while it is running.
    Side note: the bike works fine when it is running off the jump start cable off another car.

    Anyone have any idea as to what could be wrong with it?? any solution/suggestions would be greatful. thanks


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    Test the voltage at the battery with the bike running. When revved up to about 2500 or above it should stabilize at around 14 volts to 14.5 volts. If it does not come up like this then you have issues. Possible regulator failure, possible alternator failure, possible corroded or dirty connectors. In particular if the voltage comes up a little but not fully when revved then check for clean and tight ground connections between the engine cases and the frame.

    The fact that it runs fine with the cables to another battery suggests it's not charging your existing battery.
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    As im still new to biking i might be wrong about this but if bikes are anything like cars(im good with cars) it sounds like you got a dead alternater there. the charge left by a jumpstart would run out after being disconnected for 5-10 min and no charge=no spark=no run. but like bruce said check the cables for proper connections first thats alot cheaper.
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