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Thread: pro po or no po

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    Question pro po or no po

    do you like or dislike police officers?

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    I can't stand the popo. I hate all of them. Each and every single one. Bunch of dickheads. On that note, I'm looking forward to applying to the VPD after school's done.

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    not this again....
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    I don't think it's fair to paint anyone who does a certain occupation with one brush. Theres nice cops and mean cops and some in between. It's just like every other job out there, you have your asshole and you have your nice guys.

    I think for the most part if you treat them with respect they'll treat you with some back. In my personal experience traffic cops are the coldest and least personable but that probably has something to do with the job and the people their dealing with daily.

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    Likem, never had a reason to dislike them. All I have had are excessive speeding tickets and that is about it.Which where my fault anyhow.Hey, what the hell I married one.

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    Some people always complain about or say they hate cops because of this and that. But when something really bad (not a speeding ticket, but say your child is abducted, who's the first person you call? Or if someone is actually murdered, etc. Don't say that you would not hesitate to call the police. Sure there are some bad apples in the bunch, but there's bad apples in every bunch. Bad plumbers, doctors, you name it. There's also many good apples also. Plus people can have bad days as well. I'm sure that some of the popo that piss people off are the ones that have just seen too much of the same shit, year after year and are tired of it and negative to the world. Nobody likes to get hassled or get tickets, etc.

    But in the grand scheme of things I for the popo. Or else there would be pure anarchy. Cool as that would be life would kinda suck at the same time, most of the time.

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    Always the same game. People complain.

    Being raised in a different country gives you a different perspective hough. I think cops here have a real good image. I have no issues walking up to them and chatting or asking for directions or some small favor. And so far I always had good experience. In germany cops are all about policing and handling people, here I find them genuinly friendly. The are not afraid to have some fun, let small infractions slide or even set off the siren just because my baby son finds it funny.

    I asmit getting caught for speeding is not my favorite experience. But then aain, I would be the one who broke the rules and the cop is there to keep everyone in line for the greater good. And I have seen and experienced it often enough that cops let people off with a warning. This would never happen in Germany.

    So be happy with the police force you have.

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    They are a necessary part of any society and you might as well complain about taxes or utility bills. I'd love a world where everyone has a strong enough moral code that limits them acting outside societies normal behaviour but that's as simplistic as chanting "why can't we all just get along". Yes, I'm a libertarian.
    It's a crappy job because they work with scum (on both sides of the bench) all day and there is never an end to it. No body likes to see them unless they are really in trouble and by then it's too late and they should have been there sooner. They get paid too much when their hanging out at Timmy's but you could never pay them enough when they are needed. To those that don't become too callus or cynical, and still stay objective and helpful to the public, my Helmet's off to them.
    That being said, I don't like the RCMP because, aside from the sugar coated Disney image, they are state police and are an organization unto itself. They have a great deal of power and I doubt their accountability, or the governments in general. I also worry when they hype boogie men like the HA's or terrorism, is this a legitimate concern or is this deflection or fund raising? There is a role for a state police but without firm direction and safeguards, it becomes a tyrant.
    I also do not look to police to safeguard my rights as a citizen. Police, like everybody else, are always looking for ways to do their jobs better and easier and if they can stop and search random people on the street they would do it. I don't want to rely on the police to draw the line between good police work and invasive entrapment or persecution. Sadly I have to rely on lawyers for this and I'd much rather gargle leaches.

    To summate: Good cops are very good. Bad cops are not good. Most cops are good cops. Lawyers suck.

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    cops suck because they always give me tickets for wheelieing (sp?) past them at mach3.
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    I hate people that are assholes. I've yet to meet a cop that didn't treat me fairly and I've been on both sides of it. It's a job done by people.....there's bad people in every line of work. There's some real shitbags in my profession and we're considered the most trusted out of all of them.

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    There's good and there's bad cops. Just like threads. Btw, this is a horrible thread.

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    i ride with a cop and he speeds too. not all the time just when we're out on the highway and theres not much other traffic. getting out of a ticket with him (either he busts me or we both get busted) depends on the circumstances. if you're gonna be rude theres a ticket for you every time if you're polite and werent too far over he'll let you off. needless to say be polite it might just save your ass somewhere down the line.
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    it all depends on their attitude. I'd say i've had 50/50 with the good/bad cops ratio. Some are realistic and let shit slide, others are dicks/cunts who go power-trippin and just don't act right *at all*, and as such, should NOT be allowed into any posistion of authority. Overall, as a general basis, I don't like 'em. But I hate ICBC even more!
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    Can't believe this is in another thread. (I could have walked by and let it die... but what the hell.. .I'll wade in.)

    I've got several friends that are in the profession. And these guys (women inclusive) seldom see more than the negative side of our happy existence. While we're sleeping they're usually dealing with a domestic/intox/MHA/MVA/whatever so that we're not 'disturbed' and that we don't come out first thing in the AM to the general decay of society.

    I've said it before in another thread... All most people (police incl.) want to do, is do their work the best that they know how and enjoy the other things in life. (Some people are lucky enough to find both work and enjoyment together.)
    Most cops see enough negative things AT WORK that it goes as far as to change them at home. And it takes the strongest of fortitude for them to remain happy in the rest of society.

    So the next time one of them DARE question you for being a fu#$-up, (myself included) and enforcing “the rules” that society has deemed are for the greater good; cut them a little slack and maybe they’ll do the same for you. /RANT]

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    Good Rant Tyson...

    The majority of us just deal with them when we see them on the street driving around or when we get pulled over for a traffic offense. To base an opinion of thousands and thousands of police officers because of one "jerk" who gave you a ticket is a bit narrow minded... There are so many having to crawl through crack houses, deal with the drug trade, and attending another domestic abuse call...

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