From CNN: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident
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Thread: From CNN: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident

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    From CNN: Stunt motorcyclists blamed in serious accident

    Didn't see this posted anywhere yet...

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    "By some accounts, a chase vehicle was filming the motorcyclists."
    this, i can't wait to see!

    Sometimes, authorities said, packs of 10 or 15 sport motorcyclists have raced on Phoenix-area highways, terrifying other motorists. Often, one officer lamented, "their kick is to find cops, race by them, give them the middle finger salute or wave at the officer. They are out of sight in the blink of an eye."

    aaaah, always makes for good footage!
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    You have to love reporting.
    "forcing that vehicle to swerve to the right and hit a..." Braking wasn't an option, I assume. Panic probably wasn't a factor, either.
    "Only one was wearing a seatbelt." Eight injured, most ejected. Ok, you can blame the bikers for riding irresponsibly, even argue dangerously. You can hold the bikers accountable for the crash. But what about the Suburban occupants being responsible for themselves by wearing their safety equipment. Belts even come standard on Suburban' doesn't cost extra like helmets, suits, gloves, etc.
    "with fatalities...the number jumped from 2,116 in 1997 to 3,661 in 2003." My question is what were the increases in total ridership, and non-fatal accidents? What happened to SUV-related fatalities? Pedestrians? How many of those fatalities were caused by the rider?
    I'm not advocating reckless or dangerous riding. Quite the opposite. Riding on the edge doesn't belong on public roads. But to sensationalize an event, and drop blame where it doesn't belong doesn't help, either. Creating an expectation fosters a desire to meet that expectation, whether positive or negative. I also have a problem with targeting "sportbike riders" in the article. Do cruiser riders never do anything dangerous? I'm sure cruiser riders are never travelling in packs, riding recklessly, cutting people off, or speeding. Especially in the cities of Laconia or Daytona.
    EVERYONE on the road needs to take a good, long look at how they conduct themselves in or on a vehicle. How many people have you passed talking on cel phones, even though it has been proven to be as dangerous as drinking? Have a look at the red light camera at 88 and King George Highway. Those are there because of so many people running the light.
    I said it before in another string, but you're only as safe as the worst driver on the road with you. The most common thing I hear at accidents is "it wasn't my fault." Someone always has to be to blame, and it's usually the other guy (or girl.) Let's face it...we've all exceeding the posted speed on our bikes. Probably in our cars as well. We've all done something foolish in or on a moving vehicle. But we're also the ones most able to correct our failings, take responsiblity for our actions, and make our roads safer for all of us. All of us can lead by example if we choose to, whether we're leading a new rider, or driving to the store for milk.
    Irresponsible riding is dangerous. So is irresponsible writing. Flame on.

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    "There's a common misconception that if motorcyclists are in an accident, they're going to only hurt themselves. This proved that wrong," Missouri State Highway Patrol Trooper Brian Geier said Tuesday. "Now the public is more aware that these types of stunts cause these accidents."
    I found this completely twisted. In this case, the motorcyclists appear to have caused the accident. They were, at no point, in the accident. Being in the accident would mean the motorcycle was physically involved.

    Do I condone these riders? No. Do I believe they caused the accident? Maybe. Ultimately, it's the other driver who hit the Suburban who is at fault. As StormBird said, they may have caused the accident, but it would probably be less serious if the occupants in the Suburban wore their seatbelts.

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    Unless you guys are going to collectively stand up and effectively show the world that most "sportbike riders" are responsible and law abiding, then you'll just have to accept that the "squids/stunters/posers" are the spokespeople for your beloved past time.

    Sorry... that's the way it is.

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    If we can tar the cell-phone-talking, latte-drinking, soccer-mom-suv's with a brush, it's only fair they can do the same to us.

    Besides that, wy do we always have to be more defensive? Do the above drivers bother to bristle everytime they read a story about an suv driving into a shop window?

    However, it would be more truthful if the reporter said the driver swerved because they freaked out (it is hard to hit a bike going faster than you without swerving) and hit another vehicle (one famous for rolling-over) off the road.

    Reality? It was obviously a terrible accident (those injured/killed deserve respect) covered by a poor reporter and carried by AP to any sensational news outlet which didn't have its quota of zip for the day. The world thives on this stuff.
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    I wouldn't normally defend the stunters, but it sure seems like the whole story isn't there. I would bet money that the SUV driver was looking at the stunters, not paying attention, and swerved. 15 bikes and not one license plate? Fishy.

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