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    road to Sportbike west update

    ust rode from vancouver to Penticton today, The construction along highway 3, 40km east of hope is not too bad. There is around 500m of packed dirt and then the road is a little muddy for around another 1/2km. then you take a right then a left to a very slick wooden bridge. Almost dumped it on there today as it was also raining.
    I just thought I would give you all a heads up before you haed out in the morning.
    Old Headly road is in great shape and comes out around 1 km before the mud slide. All of that is pretty much cleaned up, but there still may be a slight delay there as well.
    The delay at the construction near hope was not bad today, around 10 minutes but then again it is thursday not friday.

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    Thanks for the heads up, Scott.

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    The news report last night said most of the roads should be cleared up by now. Maybe the Ministry of Highways site has more info?
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    I rode Hwy 3 yesterday--no problems.
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