So I rode again for the 1st time in 2 years.
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Thread: So I rode again for the 1st time in 2 years.

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    So I rode again for the 1st time in 2 years.

    My dad picked up a new bike the other day and has been harrasing me to take it for a spin. He had his other custom Harley and I've always refused to ride it for fear of dumping it. So today he basically forces me to take his new Softail Heritage and I finally give to the presure.

    I have to say it felt nice to be back on two wheels no matter what kind of bike it is. Anyway this is his getting older bike, he's trying to twist my arm to go out this weekend, he wants me riding the new one and he's gona ride the custom. I think that I might just have to take him up on it windshield and all!

    Edit: for those that are going to bash harleys go right ahead. You can say all ya want about weekend warriors ect... My dad has his own bike hoist in his garage and does his own work to his bikes (and with harleys thats a lot of work).

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    Why so long since you've ridden?

    Congrats on the return!
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    I certainly hope that no one bashes you for riding a Harley - and if they do, they obviously don't 'get it' and aren't worth worrying about anyways...

    I can appreciate a good ride on a nice day - though I don't think I would feel comfortable on a bike that 'big'... Those things are HUGE man!

    Does it feel awkward with so much steel around you?

    (I've never ridden one, so I don't know...)

    I think the riding position would be interesting to get used to - especially 'at speed'...
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    Looks comfy.
    I rode (an underpowered dual purpose bike) this monday after not riding for a year.
    Goddamn it felt nice. Take it easy

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    welcome back to the sport.

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    Nice bike

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    I'm gonna have a cruiser as well one day and I wouldn't mind a harley. That's a big one fo sho

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    For all that we bash the Harley crowd around here it's all in fun (or at least it sure is on my part). Any bike is a good bike and they all have their good and bad points. The few times I've ridden a cruiser I found that after 20 minutes or so I actually settled down and enjoyed the ride for what it is.... A chance to actually SEE the sights and slow the pace down to really enjoy the ride in a new way.

    Nice softail your dad has there.
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    So what's the custom look like?

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    Harley's are actually really easy to ride. I had an 97 Fat Boy for awhile. The seat height is so low about 6" lower than a sport bike. In traffic you can crawl along and hardly ever have to put your feet down unless you stop. But I would never get another one even if I went back to a cruiser. There are to many better bikes out there.
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    I love cruisers, but would never drop money on an HD. Yamaha or Honda all the way for me.
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