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Thread: race gloves???

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    race gloves???

    Looking to buy some new gloves for next season, just wondering what people look for, specifically when buying race gloves. Are there any requirements for tech and/or special materials I should look for? thanks.
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    im sure i read you need leather gloves for racing

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    taichi gp evos.. WWOOO they're SO nice. i wont buy anything else now. which sucks considering they retail for something like 369$. oh well.

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    I'm one of the guys that do the "Gear Tech" at Mission so here's what you need to know.

    -We look for gloves that are in good shape and or repair. No holes!
    -No MX, Welding, Boxing, gardening or MTB glove!. (There was a guy with welding gloves that raced a Harley at Westwood so stop your laughing!)
    -And last but the most important. You can not have a glove that when on shows any, and that means ANY, skin between you glove and leathers.

    Armour and attachment systems are for now a matter of personal taste. But as with most things in life that could change. I would say that you would be wise to get the best "Race " style glove that you can. Better yet get a few pair. Shit happens (rain, lost, crash and tear, etc....)
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    I personally like any of the carbon knuckle mid-range gloves. I've got a set of Technic Silverstones that have been through 3 years riding and 8 crashes and the only damage to my hands wouldn't have been prevented by the gloves. Good buy and cheap. I see ugly colors on ebay for $30 USD - usually green.

    I'd go for anything somewhat higher end in the cheap brands, hard knuckles, good leather and good fit.

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    i buy whatever catches my eye and fits decently. nothing worse than a hand going raw, or going to sleep.

    i also look for kangaroo skins, and where the amrour is placed and what type it is
    my last gloves didnt have the best armour, but they fit well and lasted a long time, teknic violators (not hte pro)

    my new gloves are alpinestars gp tech.... lets see how they fair.

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    Definitely get the kangaroo leather palms; it gives much better feel for the controls.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thrills
    taichi gp evos.. WWOOO they're SO nice. i wont buy anything else now. which sucks considering they retail for something like 369$. oh well.
    Ya, I have those. Once you wear them, you feel vulnerable wearing your old ones! Everytime I step up, I wonder how I survived crashes with those old Fox racing gloves with the metal studs I started racing with. My carbon knucled ones have been switched to 'going to work' gear.
    I figure I only have to need them once and they'll pay for themselves. $200 buys okay stuff, looks good, so what's another $100 or more to get real protection?
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