This was actually on my friend's R6. We did the install. This is the item...

Actual install took about 4 hours, with lots of fiddling around...Exhaust was quite well made, everything was ceramic coated, to lower temperatures. Complete stock undertray, including storage compartment, is gone. Battery, ECU, fuses, rectifier, air temp and tilt sensors come out. The supplied battery tray fit very nicely, the battery, ECU, fusebox isn't bolted down, but the fit is tight so everything is pretty well secured. Ran the wires through the hole, hooked everything up. The exhaust and pipe went on painlessly, supplied t-bolt clamps were put to use and pipe was on. We had a little trouble with the tail-lights. The holes in the undertray were not exactly right, so required a little shaving to get it to fit. We cut the turn signal harness off the stock lights, soldered it on to the new lights, plugged the brake light on, mounted the license plate with the supplied brackets and we were good to go. The instructions were quite good, except no information was provided for the disassembly of the stock components.

Visually, it looks very distinctive. The black undertray with the recessed blinker really sets off the rear end of the bike.
Aurally, the bike is LOUD and very mean sounding. He had a Yosh pipe and this is significantly louder.
Performance wise, his butt dyno says that it gained power over the Yosh.