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    Future Cycle Dyno ?

    anyone have and dealings with them good or bad ?

    I am taking my YZF down to get it dyno tuned since i added ram air and flatslides its running very lean ,the faster it goes the shittier it runs .tooo much air not enough gas i think ,,,,,"i dont have a clue really,its just a guess"

    I talked to them today and they said $70 to do three runs and then give you an idea of what its going to take before they go any further,Then its $80 an hr .

    They said they had bikes on there for 8 hrs before ,,yiiikes!!! Hopefuly i can get away with a few hrs tops .

    anybody gone there ? seemed like nice dudes at the door and were receptive to my questions.

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    There dyno will read a bit lower than other outdoor dynos like MAS.
    $70 does not sound right, I had it done by them for $45 for 3 runs. I should have backed out the minute he asked me how do you start your bike. they are pretty expensive. call Mike at MAS he did like 10 runs for me and helped me figure out what was causing my power to be down for $50. his usual rate is something like $100 for an hour, with endless dyno runs. PM me for his number.

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    ya they seam to be ok,I have used them a few times with decent results,carb works always fun stuff!if it has a air injection on in(pair valve)make sure its disabled.

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    I had a bad experience there, they didn't know shit about sportbikes and wound up doin a shit job because of it. I'd say if you're not on a harley, don't bother with these guys. I'd use graham at Valley Pro Racing instead, hands down.
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