undertail/ fender eliminator supersport bike
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Thread: undertail/ fender eliminator supersport bike

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    undertail/ fender eliminator supersport bike

    Allright... I just realized that I spent close to 1300$ on my new parts since I crashed my bike so im gonna start off by saying this is probably the absolute cheapest and easiest way to get rid of that big fender.

    10$ thats all it will cost me.... I had some spare time on my hands and decided to make one ; i based the project on the previous idea by some dude from another forum
    mine is a bit longer and it looks pretty sweet.
    you need: sheet of metal, dull black spray paint, metal cutters, rivettes, at least 3 hours to create 2 to 3 samples out of carboard box. You must remove few parts..well if you guys are interested i could take some pics and post em up.
    Finally, I realized that I saved 200$ on buying one!
    oh one more note; you have to relocate your compart. lock--which is very easy

    I made mine for 2000 cbr 600 f4
    however its possible to make one for anybike with huge undertail "crap"sticking out.

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    any pictures to post yet?

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