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Thread: bike theft stat?

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    Question bike theft stat?

    Does anyone know how many bikes were stolen in any given year in B.C.? I'm planning to build a secure bike shelter that would take up my parking spot full-time. The wife (a non-rider/non-bcsb-surfer) has no idea how many bike are ripped off in Vancouver and so feels there is no need for it. I'd like to bomb her wit stats before I have to resort to baffling her with bullshit

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    Um I did an informal stat and as it turned out, in a 5 year period you have a pretty good chance (one in four I think) of gettign your bike lifted.
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    The statitics for property crime are poor to locate, but I believe the an average of the total theft rate of motorvehicle bikes compose 6%-8%. in 2001 there was 170,000 motorvehicles taken so that works out to be about 13,000 vehicles or 35 motorcycles A DAY in Canda. BC also has one of the highest theft rates out of any province....

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    man, let that bike get stolen and prove your wife wrong.

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    Im in the market for having a BIKE SHELTER my self. After the 2nd attempted THEFT on mine and the GF's bike last week, I have had enough. Our bikes sit less than 2 feet from our apt door and the theives broke in at 12:30am (early if you ask me) My GF usually walks the dog at that time of night when she gets home from work. On that night she was too tired from work and went to bed, so imagine a female about 5/5, 115 lbs stumbling on 2 theives 6 ft tall with tools possibly armed with weapons in the middle of their heist!. Ya, that might help convince your wife/gf to get a shelter. We sure as hell are.

    Having a bike is an open invitation to all theives to TRY to steal it. whether its at home/office/mall. Having the bikes OUT OF SIGHT (out of sight/out of mind) would be a good deterrent.

    Just remember, theives will try to steal ANYTHING no matter what, but anything you can do to make it more of a PAIN IN THE ASS, more work, is a deterrent. Theives want a quick in/out so anything you do to prolong the process is good.

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