It was wet and wild but I crashed ....a couple of times
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Thread: It was wet and wild but I crashed ....a couple of times

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    It was wet and wild but I crashed ....a couple of times

    I was dirt biking on the Sunshine Coast yesterday with a bunch of friends. It was pouring rain the entire time. WHAT A RIDE!! If you have not ridden on the Coast, you must try it. The place is all abandon logging roads, lots of cross ditches and creeks to cross. Some great single track as well Non-stop fun. Best thing since Road Racing.

    Well, I managed to crash the 450 a couple of times and I bent my “Pro-Taper” bars. So what now? Do I have to replace them or do I try to straighten them? Do you recommend removal or try straightening them on the bike?

    Who have you found is the cheapest in town for Dirt bike stuff?

    Thanks for your help.

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    You'll have better luck staightening the bars in a vice than on the bike. And you might as well try to straighten them before you buy new ones because you're just going to bend them again [and again and again].

    Go see Ben at North Shore Suzuki. He's a great guy, eats and sleeps bikes, and he'll give you the best prices consistently.

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    bending the pro tapers back wont be easy. I've tryed to bend back bars before, took them into this metal work shop and got some guys to stick em in these giant vices and hammer/pry on them forever. Dem bars are tough and sometimes have metal memory. good luck.

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    DO not bend the bars back unless you want weak bars that snap when you need them most

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    Learn to ride Buddy! Just kidding Rob, impressive bending pro tapers. Must have been a good wipe out.

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