Leather allergies?
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Thread: Leather allergies?

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    Leather allergies?

    Has anyone here experienced allergies to their leather gear? I've been having mild, but annoying, reactions to certain leather parts of the gloves I have (Belstaff and Joe Rocket). I end up with red itchy areas on my hands that correspond to different sections of leather on the gloves. I think rain and sweat aggravates this condition. I don't have any other allergies that I'm aware of.

    I've been reading on the net that certain leather tanning or water-proofing formulas can cause allergic reactions in peoples skin. I've written to the manfacturers for any help they can offer. In the meantime I have a 5 day motorcycle trip to Washington and Oregon coming up in a couple of weeks. Riding all day is going to be aggravating as hell if this problem can't be solved.

    Any suggestions (other than, "leave the leather thong at home?")
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    You could try a different brand of gloves. The top brands might be less likely to cause problems for you.

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    If you can't figure it out in time why not get a pair of super thin under gloves like they sell at MEC? I was originally thinking of latex but that would be too hot I think.

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