hey, i wanna be a sportbike rider
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Thread: hey, i wanna be a sportbike rider

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    hey, i wanna be a sportbike rider

    hey im 18 and im going to go to school in langley and i live in coquitlam. I've been wanting to get a bike for a seasonal vehicle for a long time now and I'm going to need some advice.
    First im really serious about getting a bike and my license. I'm no fool who races their bike on the streets and acts like a moron.
    I only want to get a bike because
    a) I enjoy bikes
    b) Money saving since im gonna be paying 14,000 for tuition annually
    c) it will be easier on me to get to school kind of and parking

    So I'm not too sure on what bike to get, but i know i want a 600CC around.
    I'm not too sure on what bike to get, but it will definityly be second hand.
    Ive been driving my parents car for more than a year, and i know that people will think i dont have enough experience driving but I am a safe driver, and i never been in an accident, and in the year ive been driving, ive drove almost everyday.
    So I may not sound experienced but I am considerably experienced.

    So the things i need to know are what would insurance be like for a 600cc bike ranging years from 1990-2004?
    I don't plan to get my bike for another couple months as i must save my own money to pay for it. I don't rely on my parents to get something that big for me. I try to be independent but anyways..any advice? thanks a bunch

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    I don't mean any offense, but just from reading your post you sound REALLY young and a bit naive. So basically...

    1) You want a bike. Not just any bike, but a 600cc bike made between 1990 and 2004. You're really going to have to be a bit more specific. Insurance for a $2000 beater will be a lot less than for a $9 000 newer model.

    2) You are rationalizing this purchase by telling yourself that you're going to be saving money...by buying a "seasonal vehicle"...right. I'll tell you right now that as an 18-year-old, your lack of driving experience means $$$$$ to ICBC. Also, you say it's a seasonal vehicle, but you say you'll be riding to school? That was a bit confusing. Do you only go to school during nice weather, or do you plan on riding rain or shine? Be honest.

    Also realize that with sportbikes, one low-speed tipover can mean thousands of dollars in repairs. You'll have to factor in the cost of regular maintenance. If you ride your bike every day, things will wear out a lot faster than with a car. Sportbikes are not economical machines.

    3) You want to convince us that you're a "considerably experienced" driver. Tell that to ICBC. I'm sure they'll understand.

    4) You think it will be easier to get to school. While I'm sure you could save some money with parking (depending on your school's own policies), riding through city traffic is exhausting. It requires so much more attention and concentration than driving does. And your bike will hate you.

    5) Most importantly, do you plan on taking classes at all? From your post, I gather that you have no riding experience. Do you know how to drive a car with a manual transmission? Have you ever ridden dirtbikes?

    Just curious, what school charges $14 000 tuition, annually? That's a bum rape and a half.

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    Congrats, you're gonna love riding, like the rest of us do!

    Don't be fooled into thinking that insuring and riding a sportbike will save you money over a car. Insurance costs for motorcycles borders on the ridiculous and gas is only a little cheaper than most small cars. You might want to start on a 250cc bike, since they can save you money on insurance over a 600cc bike.

    Start by going through a riding school, like this one. It'll cost you in the neighborhood of $500-600, and is worth every single penny.

    You'll also need some riding gear, which can be pretty expensive, so shop around. You can often find some decent deals at the annual motorcycle show at the Abbotsford Tradex center, or you can sometimes get a great discount on gear at some local shops by being an Action student. (like here)

    Don't worry about getting a really nice-looking, shiny bike right away. Chances are, you'll prolly end up dropping it when you're starting out, so it'll be easier to live with yourself if it's an older, beat-up bike.

    So yeah, start out by setting aside about $1200-1500 for gear and training before you go to buy a bike, then i would suggest just starting out on a slightly older bike and using that to learn on as you save up for something newer in a year or two. You'll have the rest of your life to enjoy riding and maybe even introducing it to friends/girlfriends, but they'd be hurt if you were injured because you were on a bike that demanded more self control than you could excercise, or if you crashed without wearing proper gear.

    Good luck, and you'll find that this site can be an extremely helpful tool in learning about your new passion!

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    Mr. Porch Monkee... you may want to do a search of this site for all of the answers to your questions. Those questions have been asked many, many times before and the information is but a search away.

    Good luck!
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    Quote Originally Posted by porch_monkee
    I only want to get a bike because

    b) Money saving since im gonna be paying 14,000 for tuition annually
    Now THAT'S funny. Lessee..........

    $5000 for the bike (includes costs for tires, tune up etc.)
    $500 for the helmet
    $500 for a course
    $250 for boots
    $500 for a jacket
    $200 for gloves
    $1000 for 6 months insurance
    $200 in locks (at least, maybe even add in an alarm)
    $8150 Total

    Am I missing anything? Don't be fooled that a bike is cheap transportation. But ANY bike is better than driving a car, thats for sure.

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    Buy a GSXR 1000 ...ride to school on one wheel you will save big bucks ..you will not need to buy front tires!!! Just kidding DO NOT BUY A GSXR 1000.

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    Take a course!

    It will be the best $575 you ever spend and all your questions will be answered.

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    an expensive toy..buy a scooter if you want to save money on insurance and gas.

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    Insurance is cheaper for 400cc and lower. From 401cc to 750cc it doubles.
    if you really want to save $$$, get a 50cc scooter.
    A new 50cc scooter is around $3000. and insurance is a like $200 to $300 a year. Now we are talking about cheap transportation.
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    Haha Phil you are SUCH a scooterwhore.

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    haha thanks for all the advice, well im not young but i mean ive always liked bikes but havent really been so into it until lately.
    No i have no riding experience, i do plan on taking courses after i get my license for my bike.
    i think in the long run it will save me money though dont you think? Thats only if your super careful, but thats not for you to decide..thats the risk im taking.
    and is a ninja 250 a good bike to start off with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by porch_monkee
    i think in the long run it will save me money though dont you think? Thats only if your super careful, but thats not for you to decide..thats the risk im taking.
    and is a ninja 250 a good bike to start off with?
    It will save you no money. It will only cost you more and more. I've sunk waaaaaayyy too much money into my bike this summer. From clothing to oil to helmets. It just never ends and not to mention paying an extra $177 in insurance every month. Damn.

    On the other hand it kept me out of trouble this summer! And yes a 250 Ninja is an excellent starter bike!

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    As mentioned. *Nods* Check in on the threads relating to bikes to buy etc. ("Search" tool.)

    There are some serious costs to owning/riding but on the flip-side there are some serious grins available to ya. (Guys/gals... we've been there too.)

    You'll do what you want anyway. (Depending on your 'rents of course.)
    Oh, and read the thread about the guys who traded in the parent-purchased car for a ride. (Some funny material there.)

    OK!... Life talking... if you're gonna' do it, start with a good bike school. Some schools will offer tax reciepts. (As a student, that's good!)

    Since you're a student, think about flexability. An enduro style / streetfighter etc. AND, insurance SHOULD be a little less. (Something with a little bounce, that won't ruin your wallet if it er... gets scuffed.)

    Plan on getting a beater (sp?) car for the winter... or finding a way to use someone elses ride. (It do-able without... but it's easier to bumper-ski at college/university behind a car.)

    OH... and get a solid bike lock. (Or a couple.)
    I'm not totally altruistic, my rates are dependent on your bike not getting stolen. (or worse... something happening to you.)

    Either now, or in a couple years... see ya' on the road.

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    Quote Originally Posted by porch_monkee
    i think in the long run it will save me money though dont you think?
    Probably not. Insurance can be MORE than for a car, and parts are generally more expensive than equivalents for a car. Example: check out brake pads for a bike versus a car. Of course, all of this "depends" on a lot of things.

    All I know is that when I was really into mountain biking, I spent more $$ maintaining my bike than I did on my car. And the same thing goes for my motorcycle versus my car now.

    Since you live in BC, where car insurance is really really cheap for young drivers with no experience (you're 18, you really don't have any credible experience) you should seriously investigate a cheap car and the cost of liability-only insurance from ICBC (no collision, no comp, just get $2million liability).

    This is probably the cheapest route... unless you want a scooter, which on the first rainy school day, you won't!
    Transportation is serious business.

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    better save up a lot of money
    my bike cost more to insure than my car

    i pay about 900/w15% discount for 3months insurance on my 04 r6

    my focus is only 800 for 3 months

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