Anyone know about cell phone data cables?
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Thread: Anyone know about cell phone data cables?

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    Anyone know about cell phone data cables?

    I just bought a LG5450 cell phone and am looking for a data cable for it so Telus can't charge me an arm and a leg everytime I want to extract pictures from it. My question is I've seen a few on ebay but what's the difference between a serial data cable and a straight USB cable? Will either work with my phone? Is Bitpim the only software I will need to upload/download pics and ringtones?
    Thanks for any help you guys can provide.

    P.S. and yes I have tried searching howard forums but couldn't find anything useful.

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    generally either will work... though most unlocking s/w works better with serial cables (if that's your thing).

    otherwise, you should be fine with usb since it's usually cheaper.

    dunno about your specific s/w tho... good luck.
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    You should try posting the question on Howard forums.

    Try going to the Richmond Night Market to pick up a data cable. I saw some there the last time I was there but don't know for what make/model.

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