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    Riding Weekend

    I will try and spare too many details.

    So I headed up the sunshine coast on Friday to meet up some friends who rented a cabin on Powell Lake. VERY nice lake btw.. very warm. Downtown Van, on my way out of town, I almost get taken out by a motorhome changing lanes without looking.. with a small trailer.. with a bike on the back. I'm on the horn like a banshee and make a bee-line for the side of the road. Luckily nothing happened.. no harm no foul. He shrugged in his mirror that he made a mistake.

    The road between Langdale Ferry and Earl's cove is SWEET. Great turns but watch out for gravel in parts. About 30 mins from Earl's Cove, I'm behind this car, in an 80km zone.. doing 50 or 60 in parts. She's not pulling over at the pullouts and there's not much safe passing. I'm shaking my fist at her.. my upper body is bouncing up and down as I yell "FUCK" in my helmet as she rounds a beauty corner at 40, brake lights blazing in the back of my head. Finally after 20 painful minutes I get a straight enough to blow by her in a safe but not altogether legal location. I could have ran by her probably. The next 10 minutes were very nice until I got to the ferry and had to wait an hour and 20 minutes. I had breakfast there and they walk in.. I was hoping they'd say something to me but no exchange took place. I would have just politely said "If you don't want to drive the speed limit that's fine but please pull over to let those behind you go by".

    The road to Powell River isn't bad either. I'll spare the weekend but it was nice despite the rain. Very relaxing and I still can't get over how frickin warm the water is.

    On the way home.. again.. great ride. I love being OFF the ferries before all the other traffic. Almost home, and some old lady changes lanes without looking and almost takes me out. I go by her shaking my head. Hopefulyl she'll look next time.

    all said and done.. good weekend. I hope everyone else's was as lucky and enjoyable as mine.

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    Glad to hear you had a good weekend of riding. Anyone else venture out for the entire weekend?

    I headed to Victoria on Saturday, and you can read the antics that happened today.

    FYI: There is a sweet road between the east and west sides of the southern tip of the island. Entrance is off the Malahat. It isn't a racing road, but if you are up for a nice leisurely ride up narrow twisty roads, I recommend this one. To get directions, buy a Destination's Highway book and it's a combination of 2 twisted edges. This road is very similar to Duffy in the fact that there is little traffic, and the road is pretty old looking with gravel in many corners.

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