Things are moving too slow and ebay can suck at times. I need another bike soon and I can't get it until I sell my parts.

In this post I am offering up everything needed to swap out the F4(i) forks for the 929/954 inverted forks. All the stuff is in excellent condition unless otherwise stated. Here's what I have:

954 inverted forks (lower and upper triples, horn, axle, bearings and steering stem nut)
954 clip ons (complete)
954 front braking system (complete)
929 front wheel w/Michelin Pilot Sport (has one ding in lip but does not protrude into the bead area)
954 front brake rotors w/ bolts (polished)
954 front fender (red) (has a rub mark on either side from what looks like tie down straps)

I have $785 USD in all of it not including shipping. There is the possibilty I could even make an extra dollar if I put this stuff on ebay separately, but I figure someone out there wants this and here it is. If I get my money back from this, I will be completely satified.

Hit me up at tluck AT mindspring DOT com with offers or requests for pics. First come first served. Help a brother out.