Cornering speeds
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Thread: Cornering speeds

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    Cornering speeds

    Saw this thread on hypercycles talking about cornering speeds ...

    from original poster - this is kind of long (ok I admit it's really long!) but it is well written and covers most of the best ways to crash

    (or best way to avoid crashes, IMO, well worth to read the whole thing )

    Adam and Jim,
    I would like to suggest a new Forum : "Riding Skills and Techniques" for related information, discussions and ariticles.
    Not race or track specific, but Skills and Techniques that can apply to general riding.
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    Ya know, there's noting there that hasn't been said before. But Nick has put this all in one place at one time. A very good read for anyone that is fairly new to the sport.

    And most of it is just plain old common sense. A commodity that is, unfortunetley, all too rare these days.

    If reading this article can make a few people think about how they ride then it's all worth repeating........
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    A great article. Take a look everyone.

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