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    Hopelessly addicted

    This is my first season of riding and I have to say, I'm hopelessly addicted. I can barely get anything done because all I do now is ride around constantly looking for that perfect turn or clear straight away. On Sunday I left my house on 4 sepearte occasions just to go for a drive, last night I was about to go to bed and I couldn't sleep so I went for an 1hr long drive around town. If anyone I know suggests anything that involves me leaving my house and driving somewhere i'll agree to it before they finish their sentece, just so I can get some more street time in.

    I'm I alone, I feel like a bike junky . I constantly need a fix and enough is never enough.

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    suprised your not bored of the street by now, I started riding in Feb, now all I want to do is go to the track where you can really see what your bike is capeable of, and what you are or are not capeable of.....I just get sick of dealing with stupid cagers, and always worrying about tickets, BB and the ART course helped get me addicted to track riding, the street has never been the same since......now looking for a race bike for next season....ya I'm hopelessly addicted too....
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    your girlfriend
    damn you guys sound like crackers waiting for another hit

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    You've described my first two seasons to a tee. It gets really bad if you don't have a cool car to drive. In my case, it was either the bike or an automatic 89 Civic. I would purposely take the long way home and I would run errands half way across town. I lost weight because I would rather go for a ride than go to the gym...

    When first saving up for my motorcycle I stopped shopping for clothes and I stopped drinking for half a year.

    My 4rth year of motorcycling and the addiction has calmed a little. I still have this really bad habit of trying to put more and more km's on the bike. The more km's I have on the bike, the better I feel. You aren't alone by a long shot dude.
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    Ha! It's been 10 years for me. Trust me when I say that "feeling" never goes away.

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    Winter is definetly the hardest. Every year, around January, I have this dream of loading up all my buddies bikes into a trailer and driving down to Las Vegas for a week just to get a fix.

    The first 5 years I would insure my bike 10 months a year. My birthday is in February and that was the date I would put my insurance on. May is bad because of all the rain, it's very depressing. Nowadays I can't afford to insure my bike unless the sun is going to be out on a regular basis. I guess that there's something to be said about the simplicity of youth.

    Enjoy the addiction, there's worse things out there.

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    I thought I was addicted to dirtbikin! Well crack me up cracker cuz every second I have available I'm on my sportbike haulin ass

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