Rider down on Tuesday night
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Thread: Rider down on Tuesday night

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    Rider down on Tuesday night

    My friend saw an accident (and assisted with first-aid) at Canada Way & Royal Oak late Tuesday night. The female rider was injured but not fatally.

    There's a sweeping corner there, and apparently someone in a car was turning left and didn't see the rider come around the corner. He hit his brakes at the last second but was too late and clipped the bike, sending it crashing.

    The rider was a young woman, apparently wearing leather pants and boots, but her ankle was very badly damaged. Very bad. I don't know if the gear was real motorcycle gear or just fashion stuff, because the boots didn't seem to provide much protection for her.

    I've taken that corner many times in daylight and always cringe when I see people turning left mid-corner. It's an accident waiting to happen.

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    Hope you're ok, rider. Heal quickly.
    My blood hurts.

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    yeah, her name is Tanja, wife / partner of my client who sold me his bike. Super nice woman. In the hospital with wishes of a speedy recovery.
    Apparently she recalled a couple cars just rush by without even stopping to help. Nice eh? Bastards.

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    crikey.. hope she has a full and speedy recovery.

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