Canada gets two 'world' supercross events
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Thread: Canada gets two 'world' supercross events

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    Canada gets two 'world' supercross events

    I was talking with Rob Goth (M2R Rep) the other day and he was telling me about this. He said a few of the top US racers are comming up to show their stuff ( Ricky C. and Bubba, etc....) I'll be there! Should be an awesome event...

    Canada gets two 'world' supercross events

    Toronto - SkyDome - December 4
    Vancouver - BC Place - December 11

    Says Charlie Mancuso, president, Clear Channel Entertainment - Motor Sports (the promoter of the two new events) "Toronto and Vancouver offer the teams, riders and sponsors very attractive branding and marketing opportunities. The two Canadian events add diversity and creativity to the THQ World Supercross GP schedule, and will be aired worldwide through the Dorna global television distribution network. The proximity of Toronto and Vancouver to the United States’ border also offers (US) fans two added chances to see the top supercross riders in the world, and finally provides a supercross event in the northeast, something fans have been anticipating for a long time."

    Courtesy Clear Channel Entertainment Motorsports
    Stefan Medlicott
    NFG Racing

    "I guarantee that it will start, and I guarantee that it
    will blow up. I cannot guarantee the time between those two events."

    "....those who go for broke often get there...."

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    about time bc place steps up again,i remember they used have the yearly cdn supercross there yearly.Back in 1983 i think the last time was.

    I'll be there.

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    Know that its comeing everyone needs to support it so that it comes back.

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