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    kawi zx7r opinions

    hey guys iam going to be buying my first bike around christmas time. Although I will probably end up getting something smaller and cheaper for my frst bike, I was wondering what you guys thought about the kawi zx7r between the years 96-98. Personally I love the style better than anything out there. It is beautiful and my dream bike. I would love to get one. What is a good price for one between these years and can you tel me anything tolook out for, common problems with these models. Any comments oranything would help. Thanks peace

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    heavy...handles well. I had a 92......loved it.

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    Carter Honda @ Granville Island has an 01 7R for sale, they bought it off a friend of mine for about 8 grand, they are asking 10ish for it (little too much) but it is a great bike, super low km, alarm, in the green and black/white colour sceme. It has been sitting on their lot for close to two years now, I think maybe they might finally be motivated to move it for less than they are asking.(If not...maybe they just like seeing perfectly good bikes colect dust and make them no money?) Might be worth checking out anyways (probably still be there in december). Pm me if you want more of the history of it.
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    try sitting on the bike first and see if you like the riding position since its your first bike

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    i got a 92 zx7 i might possibly be selling soon....PM for details if you're interested at all.

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    A 750 is small?
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    I've had my 98 zx7r since...98, so I'm happy with it. I'm taller so it does make my legs and back tighten up after a long ride.
    They're great bikes and they corner extremely well, you'll never need any kind of steering stabilizer with this machine.
    I've seen 96-00 zx7's go for anywhere between 5-8000 bucks, keep in mind that 96-03 they are all the same except for paint color.
    Personally if I could find an 03 Orange zx7 I'd buy it quickly.

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    Great bikes but heavy. Had a 96 from new until this year, when I traded it for a 636. Not a beginner friendly bike though. Very little bar clearance, heavy (compared to modern 600's).

    I traded mine in at BK, and it was there for less than 5 days. Pristine, lightly modded ones are very popular. Mine had a full Muzzy's, ZG smoked screen, and that's it. In the red colour they are spectacular. Never had a problem with it until 3 years ago, when the coils went. I think it was from too many track days, and the vibration killed it. Replaced the coils, and it was good as new.

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