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    Talking Drag Races - How to?

    The town where I live is having open drag races in August. A lot of people around here say that I should enter my bike. I would like to but to be honest I don't know how to drag race. I can ride fast and love the twisties but how do you go from a dead stop to nothing but power down the track. I was hoping that some of you might be able to shed some light on this for me.


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    Practice, practice, practice!

    I'm no expert but here are my thoughts for what they are worth.

    The biggest challenge in drag racing a bike with as much power as yours is getting a decent launch with out looping it. I imagine you would have to climb up on to the tank (keep your weight as far forward as possible) & slip the clutch for most of first gear and be careful with the 1-2 shift.

    Professionals get into the nines on your bike and even taking it easy in the first couple of gears should net you mid 11's and bragging rights over alot of the cars.

    I went last year and am going again this year and was thinking of running my bike as well. If the weather and turn out anything like last year there will be thousnads of people there to watch you spank a lot of the cars.

    I will be home by next week end, let's hook up and you can practice while I watch you try to tame that beast.

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    Lots of throttle and careful slipping of the clutch! Actually, I find launches on the 1k to be the quickest if you rev the engine to no more than 8,000 and then engage the clutch. Once the clutch is out, then full throttle can be applied. I find that holding the bike near redline while standing still induces too much wheelspin / wheelie as the clutch is engaged. Also, be sure to warm-up your rear tire before doing a run -- as I'm sure you already know, the 1k will spin cold tires like nobody's business.

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    hate to burst your bubble man but last year no bikes for insurance reasons....... not sure about this year but I'll check with one of the orginizers I know and get back to ya.
    As for launching on my zx-6 I used 2nd at about 9500 rpm or first and slip the clutch for the first 60 feet or so. most tracks use a product called VHT which is a traction aid sprayed on the track surface........this shit has bite, my theroy was to use the middle groove where the least amount of vht was applied or believe me you'll understand what passing the balance point is all about, I saw a 1200 sportster fairly stock stand straight up on this stuff.
    Oh yeah it's also very addictive. hmmmm thats about all I can think of except the standard full leathers gloves boots yada yada
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    I've only done a couple of starts on my F2 but the drill is to rev it to about 7 to 8K and let out the clutch untill the front end feels skittish. That feeling you get when the front wheel is just barely touching. After that it's just a case of getting your feet back on the pegs in time to shift. As for my 9R I've only ever did one getaway like that and it was a doozy.

    On the 1K Gix that should strain your groin muscles big time.........
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    We have the street legal drags here every friday night 6pm-9pm.

    I took my bike in it and it was great fun. I was abit nervous of all the people watching me, but the first run I did I just took off nice and easy and got a feel for it.

    I would have to say to stay in the car tire marks with your bike, I don't spin the rear tire at all to warm it up, and I try to stay out of the water they spray down on the burn out section before the lights.

    I stand with both feet on the ground (its sticky by the way where my feet are) lean forward as much as possible wait for the lights and rev the motor to 7500-8000rpm in first gear.

    When the second to last light turns on I slip the clutch for 10 feet or untill I am well under way and then drop the clutch while having the throttle pinned. I do get abit of a wheelie but it isn't very high and drops after 20-40 feet or something like that.

    I say second to last light (last light being green) because of the reaction time it takes to get all this stuff underway.

    Oh, and I don't bring my feet up untill near red line in 1st gear.
    If I bring my feet up on the pegs before then I get a nasty wheelie from hell going on..

    I am still new at it, and alot of the time I shift late in 1st gear in the red a bit cause everything happenes so fast.

    11.48 seconds is the best I got with 123.7mph.

    They say elevation makes a big difference and I think the track is 2400feet or so above sea level. (i am a big guy too, 250 pounds)

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    Thanks for your replys guys. I will have to see if they will be allowing bikes in this year. I have been practicing a little, still a little nervous stalled the big twice, but managed to keep it vertical. I tried to do a burn out the other day and almost lost her. I am a short sucker (5'8"), I had the bike lowered 2" just so I can touch with the balls of my feet. I am pretty heavy too (250), I used this excuse to the wife for the reason I needed the 1000. To haul my fat ass around. I will be taking your advice and practicing more. Thanks again.

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