Female Kite Skiing people needed.
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Thread: Female Kite Skiing people needed.

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    Female Kite Skiing people needed.

    Same as kite boarding but on snow with a snowboard. You should be a competent snowboarder and really like extreme sports, lack of fear also a bonus. I'll be talking to anyone interested and seeing if this will work for everyone involved.

    PM me here or e-mail:


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    Why only female?

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    hold on, is it skiing or snowboarding???

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    The promoters Pegas Kites is promoting the sport of Kite Skiing, I don't know how they came up with the name seeing as it involves a kite and a snowboard but that's what they're calling it. They're looking to put together an all womens team because of 2 reasons, one is there is no other womens team so it's a pretty good sales gimick, Also the sponsors they're looking to get want to cater to a female audience. If the people paying for it want women, then women it is.

    There will be other promos comming up that will require both men and women but for now they're trying to get together they're winter program. Trust me, there will be lots of cool stuff for the guys to try when it warms up a little, I'll keep you posted on that.

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