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    Hey People,

    Question regarding seating position on your sportbike. I start off with my crotch not touching the tank but after a few turns, gear downs and braking I find myself wedged up against my tank.

    Now, I am short, 5'6" so this position is comfortable for reach, but I feel that cornering is a bit better when I centre my weight in the middle of the seat.

    How about you people? Any tips to keep me from sliding forward?

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    Well I'm 6' 1" and even on my little F2 I get up and personal with the tank on the track. It's good to keep the weight over the front end. I don't know how much you've ridden but if you want the bike to feel better in the corners while aggresively cornering then lean your upper body off the bike to the inside of the corner, put your head down towards the inside grip and shift your saddle weight to the inside bum cheek. Shifting your body this way will put you into a more aggresive posture and also reduce the amount the bike has to lean into the corner.
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    forward is best imo. you pivot around the tank when you slide your body around. it gives a more stable bike, you want to have as much of your body in contact with your bike as possible, so that when it moves, you do too. otherwise when your bike moves, you do a little bit later, causing upset suspension. put a foam pad on the back of your seat to keep you from sliding back.

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    Well, as far as braking/gearing down in a straight line goes, just squeeze the gas tank between your knees and your testicles won't be flattened quite so badly.

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