What EXACTLY is involved in streeting an off roader?
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Thread: What EXACTLY is involved in streeting an off roader?

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    What EXACTLY is involved in streeting an off roader?

    OK, so I am getting to get another SM but I do not want to go the DRZ route again. I want something with a lot more guts and I see lots of guys taking pure MX machines and getting them plated (just saw Dan's pictures of his and hers CRF's, nice!).

    I am a bit of an idiot, so I am hoping someone could tell me precisely what is required. If you take an offroad bike you need to add lights and signals, so I am guessing that means a bigger stator or something to power them, a horn would probably be required to but I do not actually know what is needed.

    And the guys with kick starts, do you throw on E-starts or rig up some kind of kill switch so no one can just throw a leg over the bike and take off?

    I am thinking of converting something like a WR450 or an XR650R but want to make sure as hell that I will be able to plate the damn thing before I go out and buy one.



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    I looked into this a couple of years ago. Legally, you need headlight, taillight, brakelight, turn-signals, mirror, horn, DOT rubber, and maybe a speedo (don't quite remember on the speedo). All of the lights have to work for 15 minutes with the engine off so you also need a battery, and a 12 V electrical system to charge it. The bike also has to pass a sound test for noise levels.

    A bike like the wr450 already has a 12 volt system and a battery so you should be able to just hook up the lights. A CRF 450 or XR 650 will need a new stator and a voltage regulator as well as a battery.

    If you jump through all the hoops you shouldn't have a problem getting it plated.

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    yeah depends on the bike. wr's and ktm's dont have anything on the nivis identifiing them, so you can just get them insured. wr450 would be a great street bike. if you go the crf route, you need a new stator, flywheel, and a lighting kit (with battery) and wireing harness to get all your brakes and turn signals working. easiest bikes are bikes that already have batteries (wr450, ktm 525, ktm 625 etc)

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    Just go to an inspection station & ask them if they will let you see the requirements to pass an inspection...easaiest way...it's spelled out in detail.

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    I'd recommend going in to Iain at Holeshot in Langley. He's one of the parts guys there. He is extremely knowledgeable in the world of super moto, and is pretty friendly and helpful and definitely knows the ins and outs. He's got a CRF450 that used to be motarded, until I bought his wheels...

    Motards are excessively expensive to build up, have fairly high maintenance schedule on the motor, and will have you pulling out your hair while trying to sort it all out. Gearing, brakes, rims are needed for the track, and add a heck of a lot of electrics to make it street legal, but its well worthwhile. there are kits available, but they're pretty ugly, and don't have the same custom feel that the 100% home built ones do. But just think; ~48hp at 220 lbs. its just got hooligan written all over it.

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    IT's not to difficult to do. The nivus form is the easiest. If it's a used dirt bike then you need to get an ICBC assigned VIN number, safety inspection, notarized bill of sale pay the PST and your good to go. We've legalized alot of bikes it's worth doing but definetly get a bike with electric start it's alot easier and cheaper to convert.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5thgear
    If it's a used dirt bike then you need to get an ICBC assigned VIN number, safety inspection, notarized bill of sale pay the PST and your good to go...
    Go talk to "Gurinder" at the White Rock London Drugs. He'll be able to help you out...
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