Hey all,
buy my stuff and i'll bake you brownies! or kick your ass in the gym (it's my job)!- you pick
our new place is too small so i'm forced to get rid of stuff

(a) for the intellects - brand new not used PCAT study guide, 2nd ed. What a waste of a brain. Chapters don't want it back. $15 (orginial price $39)

(b) clean new 15 gallon fish tank $15 (no fish therefore. . . orig price $40)

(c) a whack of star wars novels (don't ask) - a box of em for $2

(d) small (white) 3 drawer cabinet thing, measures 24 long x 21 high x 17 deep - kind of beat up but well loved. perfect for storing stuff, throwing a blanket over it and calling it an ottoman or side table $5

(e) a big outdoor ish grey / black carpet $2

(f) IKEA adjustable height chrome table leg (yes, only one) $10

(g) a bunch of univeristy text books for the scientist in side us all (ha ha) $5 for the whole box. Great for propping your bike or beer on.

I just hate throwing things away - PM me and it's yours!