01,929-$3800. obo
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    01,929-$3800. obo

    i keep seeing bikes from out of province in the buysell for crazy prices. first back in the summer i saw a ton of em from manitoba, now i just saw an 01 cbr9 for 3800 obo( from toronto). has anybody heard about this being a scam? from my exp. if its to good to br true, it isnt.

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    Sounds like its too good to be true to me
    Tmustang you are clear for take off

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    E-mail the guy, ask to look at the bike/pics of bike, some form of ID and what-have-you... and if they say something along the lines of "... send me a Money Order and I promise to get you the bike" It's BS

    It does smell a lot like BS.
    If not, someone's stolen ride. which in my eyes is BS as well... LOL
    (Man In Yellow)

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    Maybe it's me but a little common sense says that if you see a bike for $500-1000 cheaper than normal price - you assume it's a good deal. If you see a bike 30-50% of the market price then it's a scam...

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    You want an easy laugh? Email the guy and try to arrange an in person pickup. Scam all the way, and a pretty tired one.

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    Too late i bought it
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    yeah! haha you've been seeing them too, eh? Just last week i saw a gixxer in the Tdot area that was an 02 for 35hun. Being as it was yellow i didn't bother chasin it up....that and the fact that nobody....and i mean NOBODY, sells a legit bike of that year that'd fetch 5g's at a dealer of your choice, for that kinda money.

    There's a reason you pay a good price for a good product.

    if you've got the type of expendable energy that i lack...find someone you don't much care for....get them to look into/ buy the bike...and if they bring it home for say -ex- 3500 and you know the bike's worth 6200, then offer them 4500 and laugh all the way to the bank.

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    There's an R1 in the buy and sell for the ridiculously low price of $3700. Smells a lot like fish!!

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    IMO its a bunch of stolen bikes to good to be true.....scam job........$3700 yeah for sure. .....i'll take take two and still have money left over for a leathers........

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    how the fuck is it possible for ppl to think $3700 for an immaculate condition 2003 R1 is a good price and not realize thats like 80% off the original price...
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