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Thread: SkipTkt Down... and Up Again ;)

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    Talking SkipTkt Down... and Up Again

    News Update, January 29, 2005

    Four months ago I never would have guessed that after my crash things could be better than the day BEFORE I crashed. Well, with wounds healed, hassels resolved and lesson$ learned ... I just bought a SWEET yellow '00 VTR to replace the '98 VTR I'd introduced to a concrete barrier on the Duffy last September. This bike, bought from a friend, had always been the only bike I'd ever want if ever I lost my own. And, oddly enough, this bike happened to be riding just ahead of me on that bumpy September morning. I was glad when it stopped for me then, and happier yet that it's stopped a 2nd time - at my garage .

    Thanks Vince
    __________________________________________________ _____________

    Now to the original first post of this thread:

    Thought I'd better post-up this bit of news before somebody else creates a 'Rider Down' thread based on the visuals they rode past without knowing the "good news" side of the event...

    In short, it was me [on the red VTR] who went down on the Duffy yesterday in one of the infamous hair-pin curves just north of Mount Currie. I low-sided, hit the concrete barrier hard and whether my bike's a write off or not, [unknown at the moment] I DID get up and walk [or limp] away. My gear [full leathers, good helmet, sturdy boots, a spine protector and tough gloves... all being toast now], did its' job very well during the crash. Above all, my friends did a fantastic job after the crash, not just in managing the scene & the practical stuff, but in managing me from the moment of the crash until long after the adrenalin ran out and I "got" what had happened. "Thank you" barely covers it...

    This morning my body's a lil' worse for wear . The nice people at the hospotal tell me I have two badly sprained wrists, two badly spained ankles, torn ligaments in my legs & shoulder, a fractured elbow and a broken toe. Yet I wanted to post this up cuz in a season of countless 'Rider Down' threads, my experience (and injuries) could have been a lot worse. On balance, it wasn't as bad as the skid marks along the concrete barrier might suggest. Point is: yes I went down, but I'm up again.

    I've always been of the opinion that we're all 'newbs' in that we're always learning [sometimes from mistakes]. So I have no problem putting myself out there as an example of the need to not just keep learning but to not consider knowledge as something you can switch 'OFF or ON'. In my case, I switched it OFF ...

    Only a minute before going down I had been fiddling with my loose tank bra as I rode, refusing to stop and fix it properly. "I'll fix it later". Bad decision. I went hot into a "20kph" turn, hit gravel and just when I needed the precision of experience... I slid -so slightly- aside my tank, low-sided my bike, and rode along a set of concrete barriers. It could have been so different: when that definitive split-second came, the one where I was supposed to be carving a clean line but alert for gravel (etc)... I found myself instead managing the best I could in a worst-case scenario: letting the bike take more of the impact of the crash than my body. It sure did. I couldn't believe my stupidity - or the amount of damage a low-speed low-side could do. After 30+ years' riding, accident free, multiple courses, great gear, and a [now doubtful] degree of skill, simply: I was "OFF" and unknowingly gambled away split-seconds I couldn't spare (ie: a fixed bra wouldn't have stolen the split seconds I really could have used when I hit the gravel. Fine. Lesson learned. SkipTkt Down... and Up Again .

    Ride Safe. Or at least safer than I did.
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    Speedy recovery Charles.

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    Good to hear you are alright! Heal fast.

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    Whne I heard Dave Despain say he's been riding for 40 years with no accident I silently said ot myself "you're next bud". When you and I sat and waxed horrific on the wall at Dusty's crash in May, you were clearly an adult, mature and safe rider.

    Everyone makes mistakes. I've made a few public and a few private ones. We all learn from them. My mistakes have made me a better person and a better rider (maybe). Whether or not other people see that improvement is irrelevant. You are the one that you must "live up to".

    Sorry you broke your streak of no crashes. Sounds like it will be a learning experience not only of riding skills but of yourself. That's the best way to internalize it.

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    Well said and nicely diagnosed. And super glad you're not badly hurt.

    I felt much the same way when I had my bike go down in a sand patch a few years back. It was purely my fault and totally avoidable. I went into a vision obscured situation and let my focus wander to too many details of the multiple routes and a signpost. I was literally looking back over my shoulder to read the sign while standing the bike up and braking so I could stop on the other side of the intersection. But in doing so I unknowingly aimed RIGHT for the patch of sand. I could have pulled up and stopped quite safely and walked back to the sign, but NOOOOO I had to pull my bonehead maneuver.

    We NEVER stop learning.
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    Tekka Roll
    Glad to hear you're all right (!) Best wishes on a speedy recovery--

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    Thank you for posting this, ending the rider down thread on a positive note. It's very mature of you to post up your learning experience, so others can learn and be warned.

    I hope you recovery fast.

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    I'm really glad to hear you're ok Charles. Your story also makes me ahppy that whenever something starts ot go a little wrong I pull over or slow way down.. now I have a good excuse to the people heckle me

    Hope you heal up well, and we get to see you out on the roads again soon.
    anyone wanna lend me a bike ?

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    Glad you got out of this one more or less unhurt, Charles. he bike and gear can always be replaced.

    Boarder, better safe than sorry. You alone determine what is safe for you, as do I. ANyone who heckles people for going too slow or tries to lure people into going faster is an idiot and not worth riding with.

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    Charles: First let me say I'm sorry that you went down and hope you heal well (and quickly!). Second, good on you for posting up and letting people know what happened. Not much I can say will undo what happened or bring the VTR back, so I'll leave this short.

    Get well soon!


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    Glad to hear that your ok!

    Have a speedy recovery!!

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    Hya Charles!

    Sorry to hear about your mishap but glad that you walked away and also, thank you for the honest self appraisal.

    I had a get off mid summer that resulted in very little damage but wakened me up because I was becoming laxe daze (sp?). Indeed, we are all newbs and must keep vigilant in our day to day riding.

    Hope you heel fast!

    TTYL and,

    Cheers JK

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    Sad to hear you went down, man. I am also glad you are Ok! a little bumped and bruised but alive. So best to you for a speedy recovery and even though you learned a tough lesson, you also taught a lesson to the rest of us, so thank you and good health.
    Only the strong survive.

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    Ouch... hope those ligaments aren't too bad.

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    You're a solider. You can borrow my bike if you have the itch to ride again.

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