$5600 97 gsxr 750
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    *NEW price* 97 gsxr 750 $4000

    hey people, ran out of money for insurance and need money for school.
    downed on the left by me as u can see in the pics but i have extra set of plastics to go with the bike. i jsut didnt want to put them on in case i dropped it before i sold it. its at that price cuzi want to let it go fast. i dont like dickin round so call me if u want this 778 889 5436

    REDUCED FROM $5600
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    i do have an extra set of mint fairings to go on that bike, i just havent put them on in case ish happens.

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    ok so its reduced form 5600 to 4000
    we can work out a price for an extra set of fairings if you want but this price is effective for this week only.
    reason being? im goin away on a trip for the month and would like some extra cash.
    this bike runs fine and has been in storage since oct. dont pass this one up.im available starting on the 12 and the last day will be the 15th

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    hey, thanks to all those that replied. just to clear some things up, the bike has about 35 000 km (just a safe estimate). clean title, lowside damage to left fairing, some cracks. right side has a few scratches as well from the previous owner.
    im not budging on the price since its a steal as is and yes the price will be going back up if i dont sell it by the 15th ( i only need the extra money for my vacation =P)
    2 those that pm'd sorry for not replying but i already got a number of calls and people who are coming to check out the bike on wednesday. thanks
    oh yea and sorry, i have no extra pics of the bike but the back end of that bike IS blue, and so is the rest of the set of fairings

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