How many people only own a bike?
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Thread: How many people only own a bike?

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    Litre Chick

    How many people only own a bike?

    Anyone only own a bike and no vehicle? just wondering how you manage?

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    I own a car and a bike but only insure one at a time. The car goes back on at the end of this month.

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    Litre Chick
    I'm interested to hear from people that don't have a cage to fall back on. Like day to day living using a bike.

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    Administrator Array adamantium's Avatar
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    I wish.
    I used to. But now that I'm 'all grown up' I'd likely find that impossible.

    I had a friend that used to alternate between a bike and a car for summer/winter. Seemed to work for him, but he could get groceries by walking 5 minutes.
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    Registered User Array Little One's Avatar
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    Only the bike, I ride all year as long as there is no Snow. I do everything shopping and all... the bread never gets home with out it being squished.
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    I did that for 4 years through college and another year later on. You spend a lot of time being wet and cold and miserable, but it's doable. Get a good rainsuit, the rubber kind that don't breath at all. You end up a bit damp from your own persperation, but I've yet to hear of a textile suit which is truly water proof. You call in sick to work, or take public transit for the two weeks it snows here, and have chronic helmet head, and puffy eyes, you start to enjoy the taste of your own mucus as your nose runs with no where else to go but down in your mouth, oh, and slimes your chin also.

    Of course it's not too bad if your commute was short, and is actually kinda fun. Just like running year round, you aclimate and miss the ride with the fresh air when you stop.
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    No cage here.

    I live close to work (downtown) so I take the bus to work (even if I had a car I'd take the bus to work). If I had a car (which I did a couple of years ago) it would mostly sat idle and not be an effective use of my resources.

    Also heard of the car co-op at

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    rain isn't a huge problem, jus ride slower, rain pants and tecknic boots aren't too good since by boots get soaked in water.

    as for daily stuff.
    i have a huge backpack and a tank bag that i do my groceries, laundry with.

    i stuffed canned foods, clean laundry, misc stuff in my backpack (10+ pounds worth), left over food in ziploc lunch boxes in my tank bag..
    it's not that bad, jus tmake sure ur backpack doesn't slide from left to right when u do turns...
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    Couldn't do it. I'm too much of a wimp! I need my car and bike. I waited 10 years to buy my first bike (after I first contemplated the idea) until I could afford both.
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    I just have a bike, however, that's why I'm trying to sell it lol, I'm a bit pansy to ride the bike over the winter time.

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    I'm just here for the intelligent conversation.
    I'm currently selling my bike and getting a truck for winter. Then sometime closer to spring I might pull into one of those 'secure' parkades and maybe grab myself a bike for free.... I kid I kid!!!!!

    I'm probably going to keep the truck and a bike next summer so I can haul dirtbikes and stuff out to bowen or something. I think a truck/bike combo is perfect.

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    Just the bike. Cages are for hamsters.

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    Anyone who enjoys riding in the rain should seriously be locked away in an insane asylum.

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    Quote Originally Posted by turbokitty
    Just the bike. Cages are for hamsters.
    You calling my kids hamsters?!?

    My wife has a cage. I have a bike.

    If I get stuck, I'll take the seabus downtown. Haven't had the bad luck to
    need to do client visits on those snow and black ice days yet.

    If I need to, I'll just go back home and steal her car. Or rent one for a couple
    of days, no biggie.

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    I thought riding in the snow/rain/cold lastyear was fun.. what was I thinking!?

    I only have the bike.

    It's fun and I love it, can't afford a car, therefore; It's just the bike!

    "Cages are for hamsters." - Thats funny.

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