Yes, I know its weird to sell a pair of shoes, I've never seen it either.

Reason: I bought these shoes a couple weeks abot when I was in K-town. It looked like it was about to rain. I went to put my shoes on, and they were not in my friends car... 'shit' I only had my flip-flops..

Go to sports check, and pick these up, they only had size 11 or 13.. I'm a 12, but I tryed these on, and at the time I thought they would work..they were a little tight. but do able. I didn't wear them that weekend - it didn't funking rain.

These shoes were worn 2 times to the gym, but they were worn outside.. to the gym, so the bottoms are a little dirty. otherwise -new. (they do not smell at all)

Here are some pictures. if you care for more, email me

they are size 11's
first $55 Dollars takes them. I payed 90 Idiot that I am.
PM me, or email me (if you email me, please put in 'shoes' or 'bscb shoes', or it will go to junk mail!)

Thanks. first person takes them, I won't wear them again so they won't get worn-out