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    Information Technology Specialist

    Is this program good? Is it better to take a tech program @ bcit then at VCC? Is this program similar to any bcit's programs? Has anyone taken it? If so, tell me about it, thanks.

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    Check out the job market to see if it has recovered from the crash of a few years ago. If not, IT Specialist is going to be a euphamism for "Burger Flipper".

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    I'd do what Madcat suggested first, if you still want to do it defintley choose BCIT over VCC. Maybe I just know lucky people but I have 5 friends that graduated from BCIT from different things, Engineering, Computers, Framing/boarding App. and everyone of them had well paying jobs within a month of graduation or sooner.

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    There was a good read about the IT profession a while back.

    I think Adamantium said a few good pieces on there....but I couldnt find it.

    But the base of the thread was that becoming an IT is akin to working at MCds unless you know someone and/or are exceptionally good at what you do.

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    I took the Professional Web Developer's program at BCIT for $21,000 and thought it was over priced for what you get. If I were you, I would consider taking some individual courses at both institutions and see who has the most to offer for the money. I work at VCC and find that the courses here are not bad. But, technologically, BCIT is the leader.

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    Thanks very much for the replies.

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