Watch Out For Them Bears!
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Thread: Watch Out For Them Bears!

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    Watch Out For Them Bears!

    So, last Sunday I was at the church waiting for DAFNIP's crew to show for their 7pm movie ride...

    I get there at 6ish with "Bobby D"... we are parked at the North end of the parking lot.. we hear snapping branches and noises from the little forest behind us... I figured it was a dog/rabbit whatever...

    then all of a sudden a black bear comes out right between the 2 large garbage bins.. about 15 feet from where we were standing!! hahaha
    we hop on the bikes and move to the other end of the parking lot... "Bobby D" hits squamish with DUCATI LOVER so i wait..alone.. 10 mins later, bear comes back into the parking lot... so I take the hint.. I FUCK OFF back home!

    Then yesterday about 60km north of Whistler, heading SOUTH on the 99, The GF and I come around this nice sweeper, only to have a bear run in front of us and up the side of the hill into the forest, by the time we stopped and grabbed the camera it was gone! (sigh!)

    Im a city boy so i get all excited when I see skunk/racoon hell, even a squirrel... but a bear... I almost had to change my shorts.... TWICE!

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    had one in my fron yard on sun i was about 10 feet away from him he kinda sunk up on me

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    Bah, as long as you dont smell like fish (or food) you should be ok.

    Bears dont generally care about you too much....I wouldve stayed put....unless it was coming TOWARDS me.

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    remember kids, FETAL Position, just like they taught you in first
    "If I teach you sex, I'd have to give you sex for homework" -Jaime Escalante

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    Blitz Wing
    I thought playing dead only works on certain bears.

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    Yeah, damn bears, I caught this bugger playing volleyball in my back yard

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    Yeah, There has been quite a few sightings in West Van as well, I was at my buddies house, and we were unloading his new KTM and his roomate starts stuttering uh....uh..uh...guys...uh...uh...b-b-b-bear then freezes up.

    Sure as shit a big ole black bear comes out of his neighbors yard about 15 feet from us..hahaha...he was poopin
    The bear was cool though...he just kept on eating the fruit that was on the ground from peoples' yards.
    Then an elderly womans comes running into the alley screaming bloody murder and that her cell phone battery has died and needs to call 911. I calm her down by showing her that he is just trecking for food and then asked her if it is really necessary to call 911 cuz her battery died on her cell phone. we all had a lil chuckle and then I called the West Van po po and they were like "yeah there is about six in the Ambleside/Park Royal area" and told me that they werent going to do anything as they are not dumping garbage cans or scaring too many people.
    So watch the classified for missing people on the North Shore hahaha

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    Just talked to my sister and there was a bear in West Van last night in the driveway when she pulled in. And the plastic garbage cans were ruined. Ha-ha!
    Hey this bear thread reminded me of that yogurt commercial with the mumbling cartoon bears. "Mmie-nien-ji minuonio." geesh that's annoying.
    Now... bring me that horizon.

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