Pipe Reccomendations for a 93 ZX6
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Thread: Pipe Reccomendations for a 93 ZX6

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    Pipe Reccomendations for a 93 ZX6

    Hey everyone.... Anyone have any reccomendations for pipes for a 93 zx6? I wouldn't mind going down to one pipe (comes stock with two) but would that put the costs through the roof? Any thoughts?


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    I would just see if you can find anything used...if you can, pick it up. Call the local shops, see if they have anythign lying around. I had the same bike, adn when I was looking for pipes I kinda went through the same thing. It doesn't make sense to buy new pipes...a full system's gonna cost you over $1000 (if you go with a single can set-up), and since it has dual exhaust stock, if you just get slip-ons it'll cost you about the same as a full system single can. If you go to a single can, you'll lose your center stand though.

    The reason I say that doesn't make sense is beause the bike is so old, it's probably worth like ~$3000 or so, right? Why would you spend a third of that amount just for a pipe? It would make more sense to just save yourself that $1000 and upgrade to a newer 600 later on, and look for one that already has a pipe on it this time. If you spend that money, you'll never get it back in resale.
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    wow Harps thats really good advice ..... kawi's usually sport the Muzzy 4 into one, but then he'd have to get jetted. like Harps said, its gonna cost mucho.

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    Good call guys, makes sense to me.... I'll ride it for a year, and then sell it for something newer.


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