Mounties get theives... Maybe?
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Thread: Mounties get theives... Maybe?

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    Mounties get theives... Maybe?

    Just saw something interesting on my way back to Surrey form Coquitlam.

    At the weigh scales just east of 160th there were 2 late model pick-ups on a tow truck, 1 on the deck and 1 on the wheel lift. In the back of each pick-up was a sportbike, 1 was a red/black honda the other I couldn't tell what it was but it was black ( I drive too fast ). The RCMP were there in force.

    Lets hope they got a couple of the main players.

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    Hope they got those fuckers...and find some of these stolen bikes....In perfect shape i might add !!!

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    Let's get the Baseball bats form a comittee and declare open season on bike thieves. To make it legit the committe will need a name i vote for Motorcyce Conservation Riders of British Columbia (any other thoughts of names) hope the RCMP get the whole ring of thieves, i'm sick and tired of hearing about bikes be stolen.

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    Sounds like great news!!

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    i do hope one was a red truck

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    No kidding, eh? Bastards!!!
    Check out this Web site for all your RCMP press release needs, or simply to laugh at other's misfortune.
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