whats going on here???????!!
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Thread: whats going on here???????!!

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    Exclamation whats going on here???????!!

    i hear ppl are being suspended for expressing their "views" and comments...

    i spoke with few people off here and we agreed that one of moderators is
    changing posts, suspending memberships etc.....this is pretty upsetting ...its just a stinkin internet; myself i like this site; its very educating, interesting and very very addicting...however hearing about "moderators" screening process makes me think twice if i should maybe stay on sportbikes.com site.....
    again its just a silly internet, not communist e-community where everything is screened; come on moderators.. we are not 18 anymore...

    ps--i wont be suprised if this post is deleted.....

    ...again im not trying to bash anyone here...just expressing my point of view; lets enjoy the site !
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    I also agree....I will stop talking bullshit when someone kindly asks me to...till then freedom of speech baby!

    Stop power tripping...and that bullshit with Kuldip yesterday was fucking stupid!

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    Your both banned

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    Well should they chose to ban me for n e thing i do i ask them kindly to come talk to me and here my side of the story before hand....if not im outtie.....

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    im with you shea---we need one more and we can call ourselves a "crowd"

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    Here's a thought - stop acting like children and you won't be treated like children.


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    I wish.
    First off, you posted in the wrong forum, so I *MOVED* your post.

    Secondly, feel free to leave, I'll even show you the door.

    Thirdly, do as Matt says.

    Fourthly (can I say fourthly?), no moderate deletes posts, or threads, or manipulates them in any malicious way. If you post junk, don't expect for it to stay. Arguments, debates, what have you are always good to have.

    I'm not talking about this again for at least 3 months, because it seems that people think they own this place.
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