Seems as though TRIUMPH is updating shit this year
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Thread: Seems as though TRIUMPH is updating shit this year

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    Seems as though TRIUMPH is updating shit this year

    Quote Originally Posted by MUSA.COM
    'Tis the season to be jolly, folks. Info is arriving almost daily about new 2005 models, and we're running on the rev limiter to keep you up to date on all the latest bikes. We've already showed you the heavily revised Kawasaki ZX-6R and Suzuki's new Gixxer Thou.

    Now Triumph joins the party with some new bikes of their own, and for 2005, it wants us all to believe that bigger is better. Its sweet, 955cc three-cylinder motor gets Viagra-ed up to 1050cc, so its current 104 ponies at the rear wheel are sure to get a boost into the 115-hp zone.

    The 2005 Speed 3 retains its distinctive dual bug-eye headlights, single-sided swingarm and a similar-looking aluminum frame, but there's also plenty of new bits. A gold-colored inverted fork leads the way, while the chic radial-mounted brake calipers will undoubtedly improve whoa power.

    Stubby seems to be the operative word in the Triumph engineers' design brief for the S3. The fuel tank is taller and more squat, and the stubby rear end appears to have taken some cues from the Buell XB series. Stubby, too, are the dual high-mount exhaust canisters that snake under the passenger pegs that are better able to expose the Speed Triple's rear wheel.

    Triumph has come out swinging with an all-new Sprint ST. The ST also gets a displacement boost to 1050 cc, complimented by a new underseat exhaust that has what looks like three intimidating mortar launch tubes emerging at the tail. The ultra-aggressive 3-lamp projector-beam headlamps draw attention while the front turn signals are neatly integrated into the mirrors.

    Like the Speed Triple, the ST gets an attractive new instrument readout, suspension upgrades and improved fuel injection. The ST receives a new luggage system that matches its more angular bodywork.

    As for the Daytona 600, a capable but unremarkable supersport contender, Triumph has made it remarkable by enlarging it to 650cc. While it's no longer legal for most racing organizations, that doesn't seem to have hurt sales of Kawasaki's 636cc ZX-6R.

    But that doesn't complete Triumph's bigger-is-better story. For 2005, both the Speedmaster and T100 Bonneville will feature a version of the Thruxton's 865cc engine instead of the 790cc mill used previously.

    We'll have more info on these models as details become available.
    2005 Sprint ST

    2005 Speed Triple

    I don't think these Speed Triple pictures are very official, but since these types of things are hardly ever very accurate, i can only assume the real thing will look like the biking equivalent to Marty Feldman.

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    HOLY SHIT, yer like the FIRST GUY EVER to post more than just a link!~
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    If it's true. I seems that the S# is a rear end copy of an XB12s
    I still like it though

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    Those speed triple pix look right, there were pix taken of it at some show.

    damn ugly bike IMHO but some of the SV riders like them.

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    More shit HERE and HERE.

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    I got a new Triumph brochure this week in Langely. The speed triple pix are correct. I would love to have one. Maybe not brandnew, but 2002+ would be fine with me. Maybe in roulette green.
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